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Types there that are kind of forcing stuff on you he's not one of those guys we're we're talking about how we love investing in real estate how we're enjoying it and i wanted i wanted to get more of an understanding nate from you why you created home home invest what that means for you what the objective was absolutely home best was founded on the principles that we started with ten years ago i had got my butt kicked in very forms whether it'd be a tenant whether it be a contractor like all those times when you say by that happened we kept documented and trying to get an example i used to self manage my rentals i had this rental property on seven fifty one maryland avenue east from st paul minnesota one of the first places i started buying rental in i i let the tenant come in i played senate candidate came into the office and they had a letter from the red cross in the letter said he the senate house burned down we're gonna repave their rent sponsor guaranteed rent for six months and it looked that and i'm like six months you know nice rental income coming in i'm going to go ahead and take the senate well without doing all the professional checks i should've i played for tenant moved in i didn't waiting start waiting for my check from the red cross nothing came i called the red cross myself what are you talking about give us the name of the tent i gave him the name of the tenant they said no we denied that person more than six months ago i said are you kidding me and they said no no we denied that person they have nothing to do with us next on your letterhead are you kidding me they're like no l letterhead musty stolen or refrigerated or something because we didn't so i have a pack attack and then i call my attorney and my attorney said well you gotta have you have to get rid of the senate so i went through holy vixen process and it turned out like if i would've just done some simple best practices if i would've just check the background i would have realized that the senate had some more and then i would not have had happen to me and when i.

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