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That goes across states and countries is harder to solve and the worst problem of all of course is climate change because there's no governance so if you think about a small town If small town is poor and they have really good government they solve the local environmental problems But they might pollute in such a way that it harms the neighboring town young so s- adult lice. Asian of pollution never is not going to work right right and so is that is that sort of issue that you're dealing with that you just So it'd be asked. Why do you find from the data. So it's not really income. It's factors driving this dissertation. So the what. The the thing that jim and i wrote down in this paper called the simple analytics of the environmental kusnits kurt. It's a it's a really simple economic model it's called a robinson crusoe model named for the the castaway The literary Castaway the ideas that is an economy of one person on one island and he does something for his sustenance. Let's call it picking coconuts and He's the sole person on the island. So he's both the employee and the employer if you want and to add pollution to the mix we suppose that everything that he does also creates pollution. Think every coconut creates an coconut. Shell that's litter on the beach. If robinson crusoe is poor then he Would pour by which i mean. It's really hard for him to get coconuts. There aren't many trees around. It can barely feed himself that he doesn't devoted time to cleaning up the shells and the richer he gets the more polluted the beach gets but at some point land. He's rich enough. Which is that. There are lots of coconut trees around then he will Be well-fed and decided to devote some of his time to cleaning up the beach gets beyond that the cleaner the beach gets and that's the pattern in the environmental business curve. That's the same pattern that the world bank noticed. This is obviously a metaphor. But it's a metaphor that's interesting because there's no international trade so you can see this pattern without exporting or importing pollution from abroad. It's economically efficient. It's not that robinson crusoe made a mistake because there's only one person in the economy must be efficient and it's also not a sign that it's automatically it's necessarily efficient because if you think of a small island with ten people on each acting their own best interests they're each going to pick coconuts themselves but also gonna litter the beach and not care about it because of each other and so it it. The paper is is a simple economic model and all and what it says. Is that the data that we don't have any policy implications..

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