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Well. Early Kim Control has really good sense. Apparently Kim control she was on sex and the city you'll remember. Apparently she she's smarter than the other. People who were on that show because she will not be In the revival of Sex and the city on HBO. Max. Why is it smarter to turn down a job and money? Because she ain't doing anything else right now. I think, because it's sex and the city, Gina, very popular beloved TV show that Z just just like Donald Trump. I think she should distance yourself from it as Republican should distance themselves from Donald Trump. New chapter is titled And just like that it will star Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. In patrol who played Samantha Jones in the original, and by the way, it just ain't sex in the city without Samantha Jones, but She will not come back to the Syriza's. Parker, Nixon and Davis will also executive produce it. The revival will follow Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes as they Navigate love and friendship in the fifties in their fifties, so it'll be different from sex and the city. I guess it's harder to navigate love in the in your fifties bill they should have, but they should have done it. You know they should have done also was sex in the city, then they should have done sex in the suburbs. Sex in the country. The city is one of the characters Bill. It's part of that. So you make a new era without This is going to be awful. Because sex and the city was awful. Nobody wasn't Did you ever really watch it? I tried. Because it was such a phenomenon. I said, Well, let me just Without even knowing what it was about. The Acting was Really stilted and weird. As were the scripts. And it was terrible. Oh, all right. It caught something that people like I don't know what it caught, but Covered 19. Utah health officials reporting another 2600. 13 covert 19 cases and nine deaths on Saturday, New new cases were confirmed that of 13,104 people tested with a 19.9% positive rates. Um Spencer Cox, Our new governor announced on Friday he intends to speed up Cove in 19 vaccinations targeting people 70 years of age and older as well as long term care facilities. The residents there, he said he's disappointed. He is disappointed in the state's efforts so far. Hey, scene has said it has fallen short, less than half of the vaccine doses delivered to the state have been administered. That's not good, and he's right. It's not good. It's not good. It's an almost inexcusable. He says that he is studied this and he thinks along with Angela done, and some other people who have studied the logistics of all of this. On County health departments, and that's where they're going to send her this. I forget how many there are across the state of Utah. Well, something like that. Health Department's not every county has its own health departments on their combined like the Davis Weaver Or maybe I think it's the Morgan Weaver Health Department. Salt Lake County is big, so it has its own, but that's where they're going to start making sure that people get registered to have a vaccination, and I think they will sign up for a time certain. Here's Here's my quality care. Here's Here's my situation. You'll be have to be able to prove who you are. And I think you could do this all online. Prove who you are. How old you are where you live all of that. Then they get back to you and say, Okay, you're eligible for a vaccine. Here's where and when you will get get it, so come and get it. I think that's the best way to do it now. Hopefully this will work. And they'll be they'll be problems they'll be hiccups in that will be, but at least there's a plan in in place. Uh, a member of a pro Trump. Excuse me. I don't mean to read that 12 days before Congress was set to formalize President elect Biden's victory, Capitol, police said. We had warnings that there was Something was gonna happen. On and it it did. Of course, we all know now Ah mob's breaking into the state capital. Heard the most telling story from the governor of Maryland over the weekend. I don't remember his name. He's a Republican, and Maryland is like, right next door. You can you can spit, I think and hit the capital from Maryland. And he said I was in a meeting. I got a phone call from the Capitol Police. And they said all hell has broken loose. There are people storming the Capitol. There are people, uh, help inside the building. We need help. Oh, you know who called him? Steny Hoyer. Yeah. So who is the minority leader? The Republican leader in the house, he said. I'm here with Nancy Pelosi and I forget who else was in the room? We are. We are in a secret bunker location, and we need help. So Steny Hoyer, who's from Maryland? Calls his governor in Maryland. We need help right now. We need help. Send the National Guard. The governor said steady. I can't. I can't send the national guard. I have to have the federal government has to do that. Yeah, they they have to call me up and say, Send your guard troops. Can't send them, he said. I've sent so I'm sending you some tactical police right now, but I can and and then the governor of Maryland said Then I tried to get approval from the federal government for an hour and a half 90 minutes And he said then my phone. My cell phone rang is the number I didn't recognize. I picked up it was the secretary of the Army. And he said, you could go ahead and send in those troops. Curious, isn't it? Yeah. The guy was missing for 90 minutes. His whereabouts unknown. Um The governor of Maryland again, a Republican, said. This. This is awful, and the president should result Yeah, a lot of the lot. Agencies of the Pentagon and the White House just held it up. How do you impeach President? Just like 10 days to go. Well, you just do it. You do it. You can introduce the articles of impeachment and vote on them in a day today now they tried to do To compel vice president Pence to invoke the 25th amendment and the Republicans and in the house to have shot that down. So already we're back to So it'll be but they'll but they'll they will impeach him again. I hope they will impeach him again. Well, well, Mitch McConnell bring it. He could no, no, no. McConnell McConnell said that if you do that, then I will arrange for the hearing to happen one hour after Biden's inauguration, right? So they said they could still impeach him as they did before then they have to have AH. A trial in the Senate on McConnell said Okay, we'll have the trial in the Senate after the inauguration. One Okay. Inauguration. That's funny, because you know, the there must be Accountability when the good thing about doing this impeachment, by the way, is if he's impeached a second time..

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