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Not available in all states. See so clean dot com slash air for performance testing in details. Used to be as traffic and whether we're going to start things off in Berkeley. This time around. We've got a backup in the westbound direction of Interstate 80 and who boy It's really slowing down because of a new accident. This update brought you by Blaze. Dell's business products. Three car collision Westbound Interstate 80 at Ashby, blocking at least one lane. The Highway Patrol says one of the involving Akhil za stuck under a truck so this could be a mess for a good long while here. Meanwhile, eastbound traffic is slow as you had passed Ashby going the other direction but seem to be in And that eastbound commute is slow and go through Richmond upto Highway for and in San Francisco, a still heavy traffic on North bound water one leading the city for your ride to the lower deck of the Bay Bridge bumper to bumper still from Cesar Chavez. Earlier delays on the lower deck are clear, and we'll jump down to the South Bay where freeway traffic has been well. It's been light since mid afternoon. We do have one new crash reported on the highway to 37. If you're traveling in the westbound direction, watch out. For a box truck either an accident Or maybe it just broke down before North First Street. But the right lane is blocked their blaze sales business products is committed to helping you and your business thrive with essential prevention and protection products. Get free next day delivery to your business or employees. Home office is called today. 5 10 483 36 100 5 10 483 36 100 Next update 5 58 on the traffic leader KCBS. We're gonna check in on the six day Bay Area. Weather forecast a little bit of warming it here's K p x five's Poul Hagen after mostly Gray Day on Wednesday, it was nice to see the sunshine returned.

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