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We come after the states. Touchdown touchdown. Eric stocks three Marshall takes going to run a little option pick it out on the corner. Because. Tiger. Ballgame compromised. Mascots fires down the left side for Campbell toward the end zone. Touchdown thirty seven yards Wayne Haskins Paris Campbell at Aligarh, Steve is gonna three five staff to keep it. He lobbed insults. There we go. Pass. This time in the shotgun. Borough hands off to bro set off the metal paulie forward waiting for a signal still waiting for. Tiger Balm yards seven. This good kick is away clean plenty of distance. It is no time on the clock. And we are going to overtime in Stelo to throw good protection launches on Parkinson. Tipped it up. Marcus and tipped it. To himself to catch. Touchdown. Colonel. Herbert has the football four-man rush. Clean pocket. Herbert dancing throwing. Credible come from behind overtime victory by the cardinal here in Eugene or keeps it himself a race to the end zone. Got to be kidding me. For three rushing touchdowns. Book making a statement in his first start this season for the Irish Whitlow to the right of setup. We'll get the football right up. Touchdown touchdown. Slate again through the whole forty five dollars forty four sidelined forty twenty Ted five touchdown. What do slave from sixty one yards out? A Netflix lives. Rolling after Brian rose less. Style. Technically, we included eleven teams in our top ten lightning round due to a tie between Penn State and Washington in the AP top twenty five, but the more the merrier when we come back. We'll put this weekend in perspective. Glad you're with us as the show rolls on right here on the college football rewind. What if a point guard hit eighty percent beyond the arc for a QB completed eighty percent of his passes? Well, now when you're hiring you can play at that level because eighty percents of employers who post jobs on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate through the site in just one day..

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