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Anything. Particular style wonder why moby instrument eightieth on pointing out in Creil honest of the other religions in general in these cycle chilies Prime Minister. Who are talking to the sky area. Asking for help when it's the bleeding obvious that there is no sky. Ferrari Is Disease. Does happen without the intervention of a scarf. Here in a while people in the mainstream media talking about this is he's a big story at a great opportunity to advance secularism in this country and everywhere else yeah meredith doing very well in pace She said the prime minister expressed concerned concern for those affected by these unprecedented times and calls upon his God to show mercy and compassion so what might be the role applied by this God in the worldwide covered. Nineteen pandemic their full possibilities. He is not aware of it. He is aware but palace to intervene. He is happy to allow to continue. He does not exist if the first is true then God is not allowing if the second is true. Then God is not all-powerful. If the thirties true then God is cruel a as the prime minister. Mahmud sightless hyphen and pray. That the full of history but he doesn't think yeah we'll see they're saying well there's a bunch of other stuff. We could talk about that but you know what is it a little bit odd. I am a little bit. I Don Nineteen and it's just been consuming so I'm really looking forward to next week Gosh it'll just be Hugh and Matthew and myself and now be dividing does the Abrahama. God exist Obviously you'll be selling now in matthew resigned years but I get opening remarks and rebuttals will arrest and I'll get a chance to ask some questions in D. listening to you will get a chance to ask some questions in the chat room but As we go along and but if you like to lie semi you'll questions early because if they really good all Mike I definitely asked them and that will be an interesting to bite so It'll hopefully distracting from what's going on in the world so that will be Tuesday next week. Seven thirty that'll be an interesting one. A full on debate absolutely right gentlemen until next actually quick. Thank you to the patrons I really let me just fine. The patrons and Quickly to see show engineer. Try John Lane wine lane by the way Coming UP LANDON TO YOU. A third and a victory twenty seven. The VIPUL haven't heard from me for a long time landon. What's what's happening. Lands in looked in Thailand. Roy I okay so you can't be back to China I I serve. He's conducting classes and that sort of stuff on the Internet Ron. I won't say Landon Harry you've got plenty of time to synthesise bake caught message. That he does he's got Internet and he's got to compete. I get to Wino- Yama Allison Steve. Tiny Wool Jimmy. Spot kind burge. Brahmin been met Robert. We'd be wrought Harris Pal Matic Man. Dominic de Messy Liam McMahon dive Rhode Island. Daniel Could Harry Watson Peter. Gillespie kept in Doomsday. We Watch Andy Dowling. Murray Weipa Melinda Adam priest professor. Doctor Dentist Will Glenn Bill Craig. Is Matthew Alexander Allan Cole Wiper? Tom Dolan Tara Camille. Kim Broom Donnie. Darko Clinton Riggs Kevin S Dire Straits. Five tiny eels yet. Another pink fan at something else saw him and let me know. We need to do a book review Graham Hennigan Mark Clark citizen six David Kindly Lloyd Bird. The twelve man Fain Andrew Jackson Yam blue in shine ingram and the non-patrons Danes threatened. Ken was the beneficiary. Mister Ensign Corinne Madman Beverly in Diane from Redline Digital Wine Salesmen and Jared Terry. Thank you all for being patrons. Youtube d listener. Ken Become a patron get a website. Click on the link. Dolor showers all we ask and our record actually that episode that we did with the Steven on economics. Scott did you get to hear it did hear it. Yeah modern monetary theory. I've listened to 'twas convinced yet back and listen to it a third thome. It is very very interesting. What he's talking about because he's telling the whole fits tolerance hit and it's almost like he just completely ignored the hundred and thirty billion dollars that the government's just put us into the Hawk full. Yes yes it is. It is something that I'm having a lot of difficulty getting a hitter end. I have come a hell of a long way I thank you very much. Yeah so that was invaluable. I reckon and absolutely hockey getting back. Because it'd be very distinct. He what he has to say on other issues too and Alan Cholera on. Abc HAS BEING REFERRING TO MON monetary. Theory quite a bit because he interviewed the other guy who's One of the other guys who's prepared and Anyway Ellen. Kala was signed the right that they reserve bank is buying bonds in the secondary market. It will if it keeps up its current right it will have a quad all of the debt In about four months on so effectively. The that's been created boy. This budget will be simply backing government. Hanes With about four months. Supply is tricky. An raid said. Listen to the interview. You will be convinced cy year. Listen to that one and I'll even thinking I'm all even do a little video on with some diagrams with flowcharts or something has to some extent it would help to see a bit of a diagram but yeah so it's interesting. I've come across a few different articles in the past week. A bet all the debt that we've created in hell we ever GONNA pay for it and as I'm reading the monk thinking to myself goes you're completely missing the point on this debt. It's not what you think it is. I think it's a one of the better episodes. Yeah right I is very interesting on that night. Thanks poll thank you Scott. Thank you everyone in the chat room. He contributed it was very good Send me your questions for the debate next week. Looking forward to that one boy for now is considering in now Mr Speaker. Australia is not a secular country it is free country. This is a nation where you have the freedom to follow any belief system you choose. Secularism is just one. It has no Greider. Climb than any other on society as you as Senator Joe Lieberman Sade. The constitution provides for freedom of religion not from religion. I believe the same is true in this country..

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