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C. C. O. and you know it's just one of those things now where the we hear about social distancing and and spacing you guys were doing that before the corona virus outbreak but but I have to believe Keith from a business standpoint things have to be exploding for you yeah I mean are you know our phones are ringing we're getting a lot of weeds were we are taking on a lot of business for a lot of enterprises and said Hey we have a thousand employees are fifty thousand employees and how do we not only can indicate but how do we engage audiences because we have to continue on think of the fundraiser even in your city there might be a gala for a hospital or a fundraiser you know for the Shriners and how do you do this now how do you raise money how do you take it virtually and again because we've been doing this for about four years now we made a mistake so long time ago before we if we've done anything and the thing that I like to say is we've done more virtual cash and anyone in the world so we you know we understand we're doing but the really interesting thing is it's great to connect because guess what imagine you are one of your listeners are having a great conversation with the political candidate you can ask them that question sometimes even when you're alive with me you don't get to do that so we could actually a lot more intimate with whoever the content is and is you know a lot of students are being taught by by professors and teachers these days but imagine a phone a political person a sports athlete even let's just say you're going to watch a new show tonight on HBO think about having that trashed on right before the show and I'm taking on that struggle really taking audiences so much further deeper places than that have ever been before and that's what caused you to be virtual pretty cool stuff Keith before I let you go a free plug here on the fifty thousand what boom stick of the bold north WCCO how can people get genie casted maybe you own a business and and you want to have this moving forward yeah well first of all thank you it's great to talk with you Eric yeah it's a genie cast back from and we love to talk to people again we're doing everything from church groups we're starting to work on a lot of Burchell graduations for universities had to crack you know that cancel their graduation so that said Jeannie cast you eat at G. E. M. I. T. C. A. S. T. dot com would love to talk to your listeners all right thanks Keith okay thank you have a good night yeah you too keep helper from Jeannie cast coming to you on the centerpoint energy home service plus hotline and it really is a virtual world we live in now because of his C. nineteen pandemic Israel I was thinking about it earlier today nowhere to run nowhere to hide yeah I I mean you can you can you can do a few things but nothing like we've been used to here in the US you know for a long long long time so here at CC we're trying to be your beacon of light in the pandemic darkness I know a lot of you already have the covert nineteen blues I get it hi I'm one of them you got to be creative how are you handling this crisis have have you discovered any good things in this period of darkness and uncertainty certainly gas prices are they are dropping their plummeting you can fill up cheaply I don't know where you're gonna go because most places are shut down and you look around the nation about New York City population eight point five million on a typical work day I believe there's fourteen to fifteen million people in Manhattan NYC shutting down California forty million people on its own would be like the fifth most prosperous nation on earth if if California broke off from the U. S. that state is in lockdown mode the Florida Keys is now closing to tourists so you can't go to the keys unless you live there Hawaii has a fourteen day quarantine for anyone visiting the state beginning Thursday so you want to go to Maui you want to go to Honolulu you got to stick around for fourteen days so that's probably gonna you know squelch any of those ideas ski resorts are closed I know I checked into some of those in Colorado last week thought about maybe taking my kids out there and the they have shut down Disneyland Disney world the mall of America here in the Twin Cities and this one really hurts me because I'm a huge national parks guy I love going to glacier park or Mount Rainier national park or you know all the good ones out there we have so many jewels in the U. S. national parks are shutting down that that is absolutely a bummer and hopefully they open up soon and and hopefully you know sometime in the summer because that's prime time for a lot of national parks it's eight eighteen here on news talking three WCCO deal talk and let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents you'll probably mow the lawn ask if anybody noticed you mow the lawn tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complained about having to mow the lawn again good news is it's.

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