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They deserve to hear from Law abiding people demanding a transparent outcome to the Georgia situation. You know, it's interesting the president gave I just thought of another valiant effort to try to lift people across the finish line on Saturday in Georgia. And when the two senators that he's supporting came out and made their very bree vee ated comments and then kind of slinked off stage, the court roared fight for Trump fight for Trump. Tens of thousands of them did Every skin color represented. There were people of every ethnicity in origin that were there. They didn't care at that moment about being liked by their neighbor. Saying nice thing or having nice things said about them. He did everything in his power of physical strength, sleepless nights down the stretch in that election. And the voters rewarded him from the most diverse corners of the electorate. And now the man who couldn't draw 12 flies to rotting fruit says he's the president elect. I don't get that Dr. Gina Loudon is with us. Dr Gina. Those were just some of my thoughts over the weekend. I'm very, very disappointed in the media and the far left and the Democrats But I'm also extremely disappointed with elected Republicans that have not raised a finger to help raise awareness about the truth about what's happened in the swing states. Um, I wrong No. And I think I was broadcasting live at that rally, Kevin and, uh, it was electrifying and I broadcast live by the way with my network. Real Americans voice R E V TV for you know, months now since March, and I can tell you that I've never seen the level of an tomasetti that I saw with from from the crowd during the entire rally and hours that preceded while the crowd was there, they were yelling, yelling. You know, in the most distinct ways possible back at us as needed at the media writer for our lack of ethics. Media and this was this was ongoing at this is built this we were seeing this. The crowd's yelling at media for months and months at the Trump rally, but I've never seen it like I saw it this time. And then every time Kelly Leffler took the stage. The crowd had something to tell her about her not taking a specific stand. However, however, I want to make this perfectly clear. We take the lead of the president. And the president we as far as Trump supporters, and the president has been uncannily clear that the way to support him is to support these two candidates for U. S Senate. There's no if ands or buts about that, he said, to a short of Trump victory, what you do is you turn out in record numbers for these two candidates, whether you like them or not, And he was clear about that. Well, and I think that you've got to do that for both Senator Purdue and Senator La Flor. Because if we don't Gina, the what stands on the other side of that is a no holds barred, unaccountable. Sprint into the most far left progressive atheism, communism, socialism. Whatever is, um, you want to put on the end of it? That's that's awaiting us and if they had control of both houses and the presidency There would be a little that could be done toe. Stop them. So this is a kind of last gasp stopgap measure. But I'm not. You know the rest of my media compadres. They've all moved on. They're all like, okay. Were you know Biden named is his HHS nominee, you know? Okay. Well, assuming that the electors at some point make him the president elect, that'll be one thing. We're not there yet. And you know, we've got a Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito pushing up tomorrow. Tomorrow. 8 A.m. the deadline for the state of Pennsylvania to explain to them why they shouldn't listen to the case that Mr Parnell and those guys are bringing I think we're going to get a naughty insert the Supreme Court out of one, maybe more than one state, and I think this thing is far from determined yet. I agree with you. And in fact, when I interviewed my clindell, who had many private meetings with Sidney Powell? He told me he is not 20% not 50% 100%. Convinced That we will win this not that will get audience with coated but that we will win this and I've not heard statistics like that in quite some time. I thought that was pretty interesting. I also have Lara Trump on my show prime time with Dr Gina. Dr Gina Prime time. I guess we decided it was just started a week ago. I'm still getting used to the name myself seven. But we had large something. Don't worry, she said she was just that confident as well that we will win and you have to remember that folks like Sidney Powell and folks like Lard Trump, who are talking to the family on the inside. They might have information We don't have so before everybody runs away, and we have all these QUOTABLES was.

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