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Whole lot or circuits a whole lot, James, on our network, or when you're doing your work on camera where we see horses that run for the 100th time, it's obviously not something that you see with the top level of horses. This is a good story. I like that he is retiring healthy and good to go and it looks like there's a lot of pictures on blood horse. It looks like he's very friendly and he lets people actually like, if you want to put kids up on top of the horse, we'll use in the shed row. He doesn't act mean. Some horses might, you know, he just kind of takes, he acts like a pony when he's supposed to act like a pony and he acts like a racehorse when he's supposed to act like a race horse. Yeah, kudos to success rate. What a career, you know, I was just looking up his career record. Four team wins, 26 seconds, 11 thirds. So 51 starts out of a hundred, you know, in the money, that's really commendable. And his career started in the fall. In 2012, when he was two, so 9, I'm sorry, 11 years campaigning on the racetrack really remarkable. And the next thing is you're going to tell me what you bet on that race and whether you were successful? Well, it was 7 to 5, so I was just watching and rooting for him. All right, we're going to take our first break when we come back, we are going to dive into some of the big races coming up this weekend from around the country. This is Bobby Newman, James Scully. You're listening to the bris net dot com call in show on HR RN. This

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