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Every outplayed and today but i get my rhythm again my goodness more than oregon the associated press broke down and reported the leaders i'm an arm group we see into national wildlife refuge and role oregon were quit head today and the forty one day standoff that brought new attention to a longstanding dispute over the control of federal land in the western us in fact in the entire us toe mauled erupted in a court room after the verdict for read when an attorney for group leader ammon bundy demanded his client being immediately released repeat yelling at the judge us marshall's tackle the turning marcus mom for to the ground and use to stun gun on him several times in arrested in because of his call for justin well the jury came in eastern oregon hands for the most part venue on find ending hillary stickers out there and they're sick of this government they know what we're up against him a acquitted these man turns out that of course during up like a patient about as many people there were government four months as they were protesters so them in the whole thing was sickening now that showed up are one we go now on to nevada and the next stage of the hour rates the trial of those charged in the bundy ranch episode itself so good news out of oregon americans came through the system worked much of the outrage of i'm sure the judge and her handlers and the rest of the creeps who are involved so what do we get out of that a murdered man bother of ten or eleven children but boy fenech him shot to death merge earned and the waste of over a hundred million dollars taxpayer money that's where we are and you're.

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