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And S T news Republican Senator Martha mcsally hosted a roundtable discussion this morning at the Phoenix ice office on the flood of migrants being apprehended and released into Arizona communities. Make Sally says border agents are being overwhelmed in the drastic increase in asylum seekers. They were saying sometimes sixty percent of their staff is spending time processing providing medical care medical support and not doing their primary job of border security. Make Sally says two hundred sixty eight thousand migrants have been apprehended at the border since the start of the fiscal year. Mick Sally says she wants the border secured. But does not want to see the southern border shut down to marine helicopter pilots are dead after a helicopter crash near Yuma over the weekend. The AH one onesie viper. Went down during a training session at the training grounds at the Yuma air station, Saturday night. Neither the cause of the crash, nor the pilots names have been released. I'm Greg Paul KFI AM seven ninety. Tucson's? Most stimulating talk. This report is sponsored by blue EMU. From the casino. Del sole the solitu- on traffic center, you're gonna find a crash at grant at swan creek Kroft. Where Pima both of those would get you around it speedway a Wilmots a crash to again, I'd get with crop, maybe Broadway. Instead with this one first avenue at limber loss. That's a collision as well. Try oracle or Roger. Instead, I'm Ryan LeVine. Ken S, T A AM seven ninety. I am from days an iron Mike feels little rushing turned blue in Bruins nine Grisham. Deep penetrating down deep for big time. Comfortable and more. Importantly doesn't leave me sound like a locker EMU works fast won't stink from the advantage air, mechanical heating, cooling and plumbing weather center. This report sponsored by casino. Del sole? KO L D news thirteen now. First alert weather on KNX T chief meteorologist is here with your kale. The forecast tonight. Mainly clear skies fifty three for that overnight low and tomorrow, it's going to be windy. Expects winds sustain at twenty miles per hour. Eighty four degrees expected for the high sunshine Wednesday, some changes, mainly sunny. Yes. But seventy nine degrees for the high with debris continuing casino. Souls theaters Tucson's premier entertainment venue with the hottest concerts, all summer long, cool Swede del city twenty eighth theater a casino del Sol tickets now in the gift shop or casino del Sol dot com casino, del soul. The soul of Tucson. Mark Levin show. This show. Safe spaces no to stay far away from Mark Levin now on KFI AM, seven ninety Tucson's. Most stimulating talk. Mark Levin radio's principal patriot. Call in now. Eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. You know in so many ways. Was on a side issue. I could technically podcast. I'd be the biggest conservative podcast around in the country, and there'd be no question about it. If I wasn't on the radio. I self published. I think I'd be one of the biggest conservative authors. And of course, I do my own TV. I could I could do all these things. I don't. I have partners in each and every one of them, but I don't have to partners in any of. Some days. I wonder don't you Mr. producer? Some days I say to myself, why do I need partners to do any of this stuff? Well in any event, let me ask you question. Are you dealing with overwhelming credit card? We'll get rid of it alleviate the crushing interest. You're paying with a mortgage..

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