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Thirty six touchdowns last year close to forty six hundred yards and thirty two touchdowns. So I mean he is probably going to throw for at least forty three hundred yards and at least thirty to thirty five touchdowns that if. An all the time, throw the ball over the field kind of team. As long as he stays healthy. He's put those numbers up. That's more like it. Those numbers you throw out? Yeah, I can see more of that happening. They gave him five thousand or forty just because I think at times Tom Brady put so much on himself in those prior years. But this year is a little bit different though. When you look at the roster as will, it's always that new cast of characters. You know what I mean? How's it? What is it? Gonna look like? First of all, that's what I want to look at. What is it gonna look like? I remember no Julian element of I four games, you know, it's that kind of thing for me that it always pride and look. I had this question x. to me yesterday he says, but it was one of my one of my buddies were, you know, I Rams camping. He was saying, you know what? If Tom Brady, he just falls off this year or what? If what? If he digress a little bit, how how can you figure that out? I said, well, with Tom Brady, I can't figure it out in the first four weeks of season or halfway through a season. I, I can't look at Tom Brady until the season is done with because if you look at last year Dorna season, we said Tom Brady is done. We, he needs to retire. He's he's fallen off the met. But I said, if you looked at at the end of the season, which was Paul Super Bowl, all he did was throw four a play. Oh, a Super Bowl record five hundred and five yards. And you mean to tell me that guy's falling off the map? No pig he is on top of his game. And so you can't look at someone during the season and says, oh, he's playing like, no, I value at Tom Brady when it counts for me, that's the playoffs and the Super Bowl father times on defeated. It's going to happen sooner or later the avocado ice creams, gonna wear off. I mean, it's not going to have new like avocado is. At some point, his legs are gonna, fail them at some point you are going to like, I think you could probably take the top quarterbacks and it forty five to fifty years old. Give him a ball and they can seven on seven still sling it up the sideline. It's whether or not you can make those plays with all those guys breathing down your neck. I think with your legs as much as anything else and sooner or later that's going to go away sooner or later father time is going to catch up, but do I think he's like a baseball slugger or all of a sudden you're gonna fall off a cliff, and he's going to go from being a forty touchdown or thirty five touchdown forty, three hundred yard quarterback to win the MVP to, you know, a guy that is gonna miss seven or eight games this year because he can't stay healthy and his production is just gonna disappear and all the velocity and all of the Tom Brady type of accuracy and decision making qualities are gonna go away. Now I'll believe that when see it just I'm not. I don't buy it on. I think you're right until we actually see it happen. With our own eyes, and you can get triple action protection for optimal engine performance with shell v power. Nitro plus premium gasoline..

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