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Series. No. A lot of people wanna see that the networks the networks fish want to see that. I however do not I want to see the Milwaukee Brewers in the World Series parody here for the first time since Harvey wall bangers was eighty two. Yeah. I believe so the Harvey webbing seem was the eighty two team. And yeah, I would love to sing. I would love to see Milwaukee. More. So because I just I'm a fan of the cats that are on their team, obviously. Right. We hit the dodgers. But they have such a good squad, of course Kershaw in the World Series. You're not going to lose with that. I mean, he might. But you're not as a fan. The brewers though. Just so much intriguing talent Cain yelich Braun who I mean? Unbelievable story with Ryan Braun, really. And you know, that will get highlighted classic are frady's boy Erik Kratz who was on with me and Cavaco last week. So there's a lot of guys I think that are you can root for your giants fan looking at those brewers squad. But to be honest with you face. I'm not mad at the Red Sox either. I love Mookie Betts I love watching the police are catching right field. Homerun the other one. God the one that here's the fan and interfere. Here's the thing. And Cavs said this the other night, and I agree with them. Every single year you go into the baseball season might trust the best player, but this year. Specifically, Mookie Betts. I would say Mookie Betts was the best player in all of baseball. And it was just it was phenomenal to watch him and the Red Sox get a their their record as far as winds go. But listen, I don't think anyone can interfere. With Mookie Betts getting the MVP this year for the I think, it's outstanding. I think it's bar. None. He's the AL MVP. Yeah. No doubt about it. Right. Right. Was it three forty six. Batting average six four slugging who know movies world, Mookie Betts is out of this world. And we're in an era of baseball. That's just so fantastic. To watch some people don't think so though with all the strike outs. And I mean, obviously, there's a lot of home runs. But a lot of strikeouts as well. People. Don't like that in the bullpen and right? The other day with Wade Miley being pulled after five pitches. Some people don't like that. But you know, what I was asking you this question, and I want to get you a rapid fire here in a couple of seconds by when is the point that we as fans have to catch up with the game. I know we want to sit in bitch about the rules. And especially when it comes to the NFL this year. Oh, my God pass roughing the passer all the pass rush is going to be the you can't hit the quarterback. And now you're starting to see defensive linemen and defensive players when they're going after the quarterback over the ball because you get a strip sack fumble turnover. All with one play rather than wrapping around laying on top of a quarterback and getting a flag that is going to cost her team. So we're seeing an evolution. And not only football. We're seeing and baseball. Of course, the strike outs. We mentioned that with all the analytics, and we're seeing in the NBA as well with the game going much small from my question is with the in the leagues are going to change. The sport is going to change at what point do we in this position catch up with the games to stop complaining because. 'cause we're not going to change it. We could sit here and bitch and piss and moan on Sundays at all. I don't like the rules of the NFL is driving. It's not the NFL growth with. No, it's not it's not the NFL to the nineties. It absolutely is Reggie wise. Not laying on quarterbacks. There's no there's no it's not like that. At all the NBA the nineties is not like that anymore. It's different. It's all different. But it's not bad. It's still a wonderful product, especially the NBA, which I love dearly, the NBA my favorite over football baseball based on their progression. How they market their players. That's key for me. I have an opportunity now as a fan to really get attached to a certain player and more. So than baseball and football me, personally, I root obviously, the warriors some from San Leandro, I grew up watching it. But I found myself rooting for more players in the NBA than any other sport. I love Westbrook. I love onto the combo. I love Joel Embiid and the Sixers there's so many personal guys. And it's because the way they market those guys they let them just be what does it in this year in the NBA? They're letting them wear letting the boys wear whatever coach shoes they want right. And I wonder how that is going to work out as well. Because don't you think the shoe money's gonna start rolling in? If you see this or that cat was some fresh kicks. I gotta have that. I got a cop those right now. What's the new shoes? Westbrook swearing. Yes. I want those the shoe money's already in. But it'll be it'll be rolling in that advantage faster pace. But again, it's just one example of how fast the NBA is growing and expanding. And it's a brilliant beautiful thing. I love the NBA so much. I really do. No. I absolutely agree. I wish I was baseball. The NFL would do the same thing and market their players the way, the NBA does I don't know how you would do it. I don't have an answer for that aren't even have a basic outline on how you would do that. But still it's I think that's what's catapulting that league in front of everybody else. We'll get to your rapid fire at the end the hour. Sorry, I was just yapping. I mean, all good, bro. Although I do dig this music bed prime, right? Real funky data coming up next from Bleacher report is also the editor of NBA math. That's a real thing. But way on Twitter Denver valley's going to hop on. We're not only going to talk about the warriors. But I just want to get his thoughts on what's going on in the league. Because we talk about the gap between the words and the west and the rest of the Western Conference, and how large that is obviously going to Iraq and with the jazz right now jazz up by four thirty six thirty to ten and a half to go in the second. But I want to talk to him about the rest of the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference as well. Because now the LeBron's with LA how things shake up over there. We're gonna talk about Toronto in the finals Brad Stevens, and the Celtics are they building a dynasty and Boston. We'll talk to Dan for belly coming up next came here tonight right here on the.

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