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Twenty four hour news center. What appears to be a small acid spill is causing very big traffic problems in the canton areas. Still this hour. Let's get that. I used Doug Turnbull acid, and what's not together two totally different story right now. We're getting good news on five seventy five. We're still a gridlock. Alert for Jerry King County because five seventy five north of shut down for over an hour. Both directions have been shut down for an hour between exits fourteen at sixty but Jason dirt over the sink. Pervy? Does not telling us also that five seventy five north and south are reopening. The spill happened on a road just east of the five seventy five bridge. So you'd better is still shut down and the service Jason device, seventy by between Holly springs, the cancer or an absolute mess. So we still buys even though five seventy five is now open to absolutely avoid area. We've got full bloom. Rush hour. Elsewhere, Dexter WSB eighty-five degrees on Peachtree street. It's three thirty one. We'll a cool off for the weekend. WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish says it will not most accurate and dependable forecast is on the way update new. Three thirty negotiations today. We're told but still no deal. Do pre two point. Oh, no Republicans had said at ten AM deadline negotiations have continued between the Senate Judiciary committee and lawyers for Dr Christine Blasi Ford. The talk is still about hearings next week, but nothing has been finalized as of yet because the talks complicated today by a presidential tweet explicitly questioning Christine Ford's story, he flatly denies this. But the New York Times this hour reports the deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, disgusted voting the twenty fifth amendment last year after President Trump fired James Comey and reportedly Rosenstein suggested he wear a wire to secretly record the president Jerry recommending more than thirty million dollars damages for that botched Clayton county circumcision mother the child called baby says she is overwhelmed with that looks like a hover board caused that fire to Peachtree corners apartment complex last night that fire. Investigators say the hover board wasn't even plugged in. But caught fire on the living room floor. Homeowner reported not using the hover board they just received it as as a used hover boards. Spokesman Justin Wilson tells me the third have aboard related fire. They've responded to this year. He batteries can become compromised through the use of the equipment in this latest fire at the fields pastry corners apartments. Most of the damage was contained to the one unit but eight other suffered smoke and water damage in Gwinnett county. Sandra Parrish w best WSB news time three thirty two. Eating right has numerous benefits.

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