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There's a lot of complicated topic so talk about when it comes to sports and were really at the ground level of talking about them which is awesome in one of the big issues were talking a lot about right now a in on twitter in particular is is inclusivity okay so there is this purrs enter an had a slide in the end it said there should not be a women's east sports league and i was i wanted to say hey my point was let's make sure that women are the ones that that say whether or not that they want this or not actually why don't we bring in some people who have hurt currently in the situation and are pro female gamers east sports athletes and that bacon then tell us about what it what is it like you know an is the is should there be a specific pathway but but i wasn't thinking of course i wasn't because i i'm ignorant of this specific i know it totally admitted that we just by even stating that part i max excluding a third party and maybe multiple parties from there it's not even just a third party it's like a whole bunch of other people who we've always excluded by making this conversation only be about male female and that right there is a great conversation that has an a great learning opportunity and also a great thing to be able to sit come away with and go like oh yeah i accidents a broader than male female and they write any and i think we need the the very strong advocates to continue to remind us of that part so it's you know it you know it might if felt like an attack or what have you but i think be ideal is when you're in the in the situation where you're continually reminding i mean at least you wanna continue to raise that awareness at every opportunity possible so i believe that that was spirit in which it was you know i mean the real question that i think is is even more important perhaps is when we talked about traditional sports that are same sex because the the they a big part of that comment where did the non binary people you know where the people who identify as non binary fit in but any traditional sport like in other words that's.

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