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A road rage shooting on Monday morning. It happened just before 6 a.m. On south bound to 87. Police say a champagne colored Chevrolet avalanche began tailgating another vehicle. When that driver in front pulled overto let him pass. Someone inside. The Chevrolet pulled out a gun and fired into the vehicle striking both the driver and a passenger. Both of them were treated at a hospital in Mansfield and are expected to recover. Police say the Chevy Avalanche was a 2005 or 2006 models, and they describe the driver is a black male between 25 30. Who was bald and had a stocky build. They're asking anyone with information about the case to call the Tarrant County Crime Stoppers Hotline. Steven Pickering News Radio, 10 80 Carol also in Mansfield. Police have a suspect in custody this morning after they found a woman's body inside an abandoned car. This was around one o'clock yesterday afternoon, Police were called after the woman had been carjacked. It happened along the 2 87 frontage road just south of Debbie Lane as woman told investigators that a man had pointed a gun at her. And took her car and took off. She told police that the suspect got out of a car that was still in a parking lot. Though police check that car they found the dead woman inside, police ran the abandoned the car's registration, and that led them to a location in Fort Worth. Or they found the stolen car and the suspect There's no word yet on charges with a big race coming up two weeks from Saturday. Texas Motor Speedway is encouraging fans to wear masks, but they will not make it mandatory unless Denton County issues a compulsory mask order as Terran and Dallas County's have Track President Eddie Gossage says he will be wearing one and encourages all his customers to do the same. Calling it good common sense. On July 19th TMS will host ass cars O'Reilly Autoparts 500 to Harmony checkered flag masks. Do you think they'll be that perfect mask to wear to a NASCAR 1st 1000 getting get a chequered flag mask? 7 22 now a rld..

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