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Jj the knicks savage one of four in their season series against the bulls winning last night at the garden one ten ninety two tim hardaway junior twenty two points michael beasley seventeen roy williams had eleven one of seven knicks bench players that combined for fifty three points that's two in a row for the knicks first time they've done that and over a month and a half the nets trail the grizzlies by seven heading into the fourth quarter in brooklyn then outscored them in the final period thirty one twentyone hanging on for a one eighteen one fifteen victory they've got a two game winning streak for the first time in two months twenty two points each for allen crab and karras laver's damara carolina eighteen and his defense on andrew harrison's attempted a game tying three with a second ago clinched the victory also in the nba lebron james forty points twelve rebounds ten assists the cavaliers outscored the bucks won twenty four one seventeen sixers with a one zero eight nine four win over the hornets and the warriors depleted by injuries came up short at san antonio eighty nine to seventy five ncaa women's tournament uconn a sweet sixteen team for a twenty fifth straight time as they'd be quinnipiac seventy one to forty six multiple reports are saying rhode island head coach dan hurley will exit to take over the men's program at uconn penny hardaway reportedly to become the new head coach at memphis local hockey teams all had last night off us olympic in ryan did not oh just signed by the bruins had a goal and two assists in h l debut boston got a point the lost in overtime to the blue jackets five to four panthers with a to nothing win at montreal columbus in the first wildcard spot three points ahead of the devils meanwhile florida within three points of new jersey for the second wildcard and they have two games in hand they're devils at san jose tonight catch it at ten twenty on one jersey network the host the penguins that'll be here on the fan beginning at seven o'clock the rangers at home against filamba's grapefruit league baseball the mets lost the.

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