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And By, this lake and they have the The lights on and they have the Fountain going and I just stopped Samuel was asleep in his stroller. We had a fan on top of the story. Make sure stay cool in January. And Al Macinnis what happens in? The He needs something and we need. We need an ambulance. Defined US hardly GONNA. Get to us in the middle of Disney were has the emails. And all of a sudden obviously started my head and I, we're crazy. What are we doing? And all of a sudden I just looked at even sleeping like everything's fine. Just relax and enjoy the moment. Nothing's wrong and it was. That was just another Aha moment for me. Okay I can do this. You know. Guys protected us, so we went to Disney We. We came back home and my husband turned him in. He goes so now we go to the park. You know I know that exact feeling the way that I. say it about Connor. There were a lot of places that we couldn't go. Because of his extreme sensibilities and sensitivity to sound and noise, and there were a lot of places it really altered our life, so we don't have the same challenges, but I I understand, but then at the same time. God has provided incredible opportunities that we wouldn't have if we had conner, so it's kind of this catch twenty two like you know you. There were a lot of things you couldn't do with an the you would do with a typically developing child, but then here you've got this incredible special opportunity that most typical children don't get so. I I love the way that God. That God does that with our special kids he gives us opportunities to like you said you said it so beautifully to show up.

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