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We can make this test do anything you want a deal so Show a negative. Pcr tests and how about the and get tested every forty eight hours during the event that wherever you're attending do this was straight face. She looked like she believed what she was saying. She looked desperate to that. Don't you think she looked a little unhinged. Like how should i be issues. In fact actually. I was just looking at tour before we started and there are a lot of people in the streets and france. Now they're not happy about this so power to the people. Good very good. Well my last thing. Dr paul is in announcement sent out an update yesterday. If you're not subscribed at ron paul institute dot org you can subscribe for free. But it's an announcement of of another speaker at our washington conference This is someone who has really been very brave over the last year. I called her. I think the most cancelled woman in america. Let's put up this last picture. I'm not going to talk a lot about this person for obvious reasons. Dr simone gold. The founder of america's frontline doctors. She will be speaking. At the ron paul institute conference in september Information is available in the link. That's in the description. Forgetting tickets dr paul. Today we are about seventy five percent sold out the fastest. We've ever gone so it will and we still have some announcements to make but some big ones you know thinking about her but most of our speakers you know it. It costs a lot of money to get people to come under the age of flying and everything is difficult. Some people have to drive. People are flying again now but and it's also very expensive and We just don't have a huge budget. Yeah so she was quite willing to really really help us accommodate but they all have done that everybody there. They don't hold back and say because they know that You know. I distinguish two things. There are some events that are money making things. And that's i think this commercial the most of the things that we deal with these institute you know they don't They will charge things but they're always nominal charges and And that's the way. I want to keep our organizations as you. Yes they'll they'll be at times. There'll be some fees. May but i'm just delighted that people are saying and and i've sensed it more we've had more inquiries and just like the numbers year han. You're passing out. Each day is people are anxious to get their ticket. Yeah so I think that we're not Quite as flamboyant with How great we are. People are slowly and steadily. I i think growth like that and it's very sincere and people understand what we're doing. It's one of the recent bob. We can have a good time at our conferences. Yeah and you know that's a good point you make about the ticket price because we do keep them low because educational charity..

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