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Laurie Velo Bouza forty, six , year old mother of three married a fifty one year old father of five Chad Day bill. . On November fifth two thousand nineteen in Kauai Hawaii. . Chad's wife for close to thirty years. . Tammy. . Day. . Bill have been found dead in her home just two weeks earlier. . So obviously, , they didn't waste much time remarrying. . Stunningly Quick Tammy was in apparently healthy forty, , nine year old woman infectious training for a marathon. . Just, , ten days before her death, , which was October ninth two, , thousand, , Nineteen Tammy reported on facebook and the police that masked man had shouted her with what she thought could be a paint gun what's going on there right? ? Exactly. . The other very interesting aspect is Laurie and Chad had picked out and ordered their wedding bands more than two weeks before Tammy Steph. . That's right. . Shoe on that one for a while right so October fourth to fifth tammy visited her parents Beck in Springville. . Utah, where , she's from and then a few days later on October nine, , a man ski mask was shooting at her so I guess the police decided it was just some kind of prank because she thought it was a paint gun and they never found the guy, , but it's very curious. . WHOA, , it is and it's really just the tip of the iceberg in this really strange case with all the suspicious occurrences just everything surrounding lawyer and Chad, , his mess and very suspicious of course. . Yes that's an understatement. . So Chad Chad Day Bell is lawry's fifth husband. . Laurie was born Laurie Noreen Cox June twenty sixth of Nineteen seventy-three in San Bernardino California and she grew up with two brothers Alex and Adam and two sisters Stacey and summer Alex Cox plays a really large role in this whole story so you need to remember him Adam lives in Kansas and he's worked as a radio personality, , but he's pretty much out of the whole seen as far as we know so far. . Stacy Cox died in her parents home when she was just twenty two years old and this was from complications of type one diabetes lorries remaining living sister Cox shift. Let . was one of lorries, , biggest defenders until June of this year, , and that's when the remains of her children jj entirely were discovered on the property of Chad debacle. . Now, , people who knew Lori will have said that she really became a person after she became involved with shed she had been considered an excellent mother. . And a good friend to many many years ago back in high school Lori was a happy energetic cheerleader at nineteen years of age. . She married her high school sweetheart Nelson Jawans. . This marriage is over within a year. . Then when she was twenty two in Nineteen ninety-five Laurie Mary twenty-three-year-old. . William but Sheila, , and this marriage was in Travis County Texas. . They had a son named Colby in one, , thousand, , nine, , hundred, , ninety six, , and they ended up divorcing in nineteen. . Ninety eight. . So, by , the time, , she was twenty five years old she'd been married and divorced twice already. . See and she has one child, , and then in two thousand. . One Lori Mary Joseph Ryan Joe Converted to Mormonism, , and that was the religion it Laurie had been raised in. . He didn't legally adopt coby coby took his last name. . and. . He and Laurie had a daughter together. . That's highly in two, , thousand, , two and two, , thousand, , four in August Joe filed for divorce from Laurie. . And it was finalized in two thousand five. . In two, , thousand, , six, , Joe Ryan filed a complaint with the court stating Lori was not complying with the visitation order. . He asked she'd be held in contempt then August two, , thousand, , seven Joe is attacked by Laura's brother Alex. . For. . This guy chases show around with stun gun. . He tased him twice and he threatened to kill him. . Yes. . So I'm going to ask probably a stupid question is this because of the divorce or because he took her back to court. . I'm thinking it was related to the custody issue because the divorce was already finalized been finalized for over a year. . But you know she was also looking at some trouble because she was in contempt of court. . She wasn't bringing tighly for her visits and she was keeping tidily away from him. . So, , Alex Laura's brother was very protective of her and actually seemed obsessed at the time with killing Joe. . Ryan the incident happened when Joe was leaving a supervised visit with his daughter Kylie and the attack ended when an eyewitness showed up. . So Alex, , pled guilty to aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury and ended up serving ninety days in jail, , and this was in Austin Texas. . But the custody battle between Joe and Laurie over tighly really got very dark at one point Laurie head to install cameras in the children's rooms and in the living room for the court to see what was going on in her house. . But no abuse apparently was found from that camera footage but just so you know this was a really nasty custody situation. . You're S, , and then we have Joe Dying in April of two thousand, , eighteen still young man. . This was determined to be a heart attack they did not topsy, , but then he his remains were cremated. . This whole time has custody battle with over Retali- had continued to be ongoing, , right? I. ? . Believe he was fifty nine but he was pretty healthy and there were some strange things about his autopsy as well. . Roy Yeah now the court documents say that Joe Ryan accused Laurie of parental alienation alleging that he had not seen his daughter for more than a year at one point. . And he also referred to a court appointed psychologist who had interviewed Lori. . And according to court paperwork the psychologist David, , our pool

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