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More shooter opening fire at a Santa Clara County Transit Authority building said to be in a maintenance yard. Sources are telling ABC News There are multiple victims, it appears his shooter is no longer a threat. Large police presence is on scene. It's unclear the motive or if anybody was specifically targeted the shooting happening in the early morning, many calls for ambulances going out. And like stone, ABC News authorities are expected to hold a briefing this next hour. Manhattan's district attorney, convening a special grand jury, Wayne evidence and possible criminal charges against the Trump Organization. The nearly two law two year long investigation focusing on tax records, former President Trump claiming it's more of a witch hunt and in Ohio later today, the first winner of the state's vaccine, million drawing will be announced. Michelle, France and ABC News Co Moh news 1000 FM 97 78 31 right now on this Wednesday morning 52 degrees cloudy skies in Seattle. I'm Greg her shoulder. Manda is off this morning, and these are our top stories. There's several reports from San Jose this morning that indicate As many as seven people were shot to death by that gunman and that the gunman then eventually committed suicide. We'll let you know as soon as more information is revealed at that briefing. The Centers for Disease Control reports. 50% of all American adults are now fully vaccinated against covert 19. We get more on that with the local perspective from comas Nick Papa after several months of people choosing to get vaccinated, more and more are deciding to opt in to get that shot, according to the CDC. Washington is one of 25 states. That's over the 50% threshold with their data, saying about 55% of adults in the state are fully vaccinated. Now, when looking at the Department of Health State of here in our state, they grew people. 16 and older instead of 18 and older when 16 and 17 year olds are included. King County has already hit the 60% mark. It is like unbelievable to be in May 2021 have half of US adults fully vaccinated so almost completely protected Dr Chloe Bryson Khan at Harborview Medical Center. There are only a handful of states around the country that have higher rates of vaccination than Washington. Governor Jay Inslee has issued a proclamation saying that if an employee wants to remove the mask on the job, they either need proof of vaccination or to a test personally that they have had a vaccination. Some business owners like Dr Ed Schweitzer said. That's an overreach. He thinks it's not the mask rule itself. But the idea that business owners have to demand proof. It also put us in a desirable state of being forced by the executive branch of the Washington state government to ask our employees owners for medical information. This business owner is not really objecting to the governor's proclamation that it's just common sense. It's a reassurance that we're doing everything we can to protect our Statuary Lonergan. Drake says that it assures customers that if Opal worker is not wearing a mask that at least they've shown proof of vaccination as the pandemic eases more and more people that are venturing out of their homes unless they have underlying conditions. Or about that from comas. Patrick Quinn for Kristina lodged in her stage four breast cancer is currently at bay. But now she's worried about Cove it I'm scared. I am just so scared. Don't you know I'm living day to day already with the CDC relaxing its mass guidance, and many state business is doing the same. I'm afraid to go to Trader Joe's. Now Christina says She can't take any chances were so little known on what the virus could mean for her battle against breast cancer. I mean, I'm only 46 so I would hope that I have a good chance, but I don't know I don't I don't know if that means like I'm doomed. I don't know. The same is true for Ryan Robertson, who's also vaccinated, but as rheumatoid arthritis what flares up most in their hands. Ryan's been begging for answers from their doctor. If they've got the antibodies to defend against Cove it I emailed diligently to get some fax. And all I could get was, Hmm. Good luck. So while many are returning to bars and restaurants, Kristina and Ryan are retreating. They take 34 right now. Coming up on the comb all morning news gathering signatures to end homelessness. I'm Corwin. Hey, Kwai. Some homeless.

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