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You don't know who the voices? He lifts his head up. But he knows he knows exactly who's voice says. He looks his head up lifts his head up. And he realizes. This is the best stroke of luck. I could've ever hoped for season ends. And now, you don't know who's in the jail cell next to him. But you know that his time in prison. Is not going to prevent him from being a part of this program. So open season three they'll start with congress and Alexandria, Cossio Cortez and Nancy Pelosi and all that. In somewhere toward the beginning. Or toward the end of episode one season three. You see Michael Cohen in the cell next to him. So now, you've got the old New York Democrat Michael Cohen. You know, when I was mad at Trump and supporting crews in the presidential election. I made the point that Trump's own lawyer couldn't vote for him in New York's primary because he was a registered democrat. Member. And I said at the time the word on that guys. He's a scumbag. Oh, he's not a scumbag. Michael, you're just angry. I'm telling you his lawyers a comeback. He's a really bad guy supposed to be not a very good lawyer. But not only that he's a scumbag. He's a really bad, dude. Okay. Well, now, everybody hates the guy. And nobody tells me I don't get to do the I told you so dance. Not that. I would want to. I'm not reminding you that I was right. So Cohen turned on Trump Mueller knew he had a weak link in Cohen. Cohen's the guy that that that you go in and threaten what turned out Cohen was into so many illegal things that all Mueller had to do is go in and go. Hey, here's all these things. We can charge you with. And you know, co and started crying, but. If you'll turn on Trump. We'll make life a lot easier on you. You still gonna have to serve you going to prison. Make no mistake. But for a lot less time. So. Cohen is imprisoned. And he says to his fellow Michael his fellow democrat Cohen now last week Cohen was quoted saying that he's so excited that Michelle Obama is going out on the a book tour to bring her message of hope to Americans. So now Cohen has an ax to grind he's he's the jilted lover he's out to get Trump. And that's where his future is who's going to pay his bills is the Trump haters because he has he has leverage over Trump. He's got some things on Trump. They may or may not be any good. But it's like, I'm Orosa. They figure out the Trump crowd eight with you anymore. You've got kicked out. So now, they they go that. So there's Cohen teaming up in prison with avenue d. Oh ovens relevant again. Albany becomes the mouthpiece. That Cohen needed to.

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