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Com. Radio 700 w L W It is just about time for baseball here at Great American Ballpark as the Reds and Braves play Game three of this four game series, and with all the play by play once again, Here's Tommy throw. Hey, thanks. You had beautiful day for baseball as I mentioned earlier, and once again, the wind is absolutely Howling from right to left. Let's take a look at tonight's starting lineups as we get ready to get this ball game started today and will begin with Brian Sit Gerdes visiting Atlanta Braves. The Braves come in at 36 39. They are currently five games back, sitting in third in the National League. East leading things off as the right fielder Ronald Jr Jr. Freddie Freeman is at first base, batting second, batting third, the second baseman Ozzie Albies. Adding 4th and 3rd base Austin Riley Dansby Swanson is the shortstop hitting fifth. Adding sixth Guillermo Heredia, He's the left fielder. Adding seventh and catching William Contreras. Edgar Inciarte played center field and bats eighth and batting ninth pitcher Ian Anderson again for the Braves. It's Acuna Jr Freeman. All these Riley, Swanson, Heredia, Contreras, Inciarte and Anderson. Ian Anderson, pitching for the Braves, Now for David Bells, Reds coming in at 537 37 5 games back in the central, the Reds are in third place. Leading things off the second basement. Jonathan India, Jesse Winker is in left field, hitting second, batting third in right field. Nick Castano's Joey Votto at first base bats fourth. Adding fifth in center field. Tyler Nay Quinn. Hey, you Hey, Neo Suarez at third base, hit sixth, batting seventh and catching Tucker Barnhart. Kyle farmers at shortstop, hitting eighth and pitching and batting ninth. Luis Castillo again for the Reds. It is India Winker Castano's Votto Quinn Suarez. Barnhart Farmer and Castillo. Luis Castillo pitching The umpires for this afternoon's ballgame at home plate. The crew chief last Diaz, Mike Acid, Brooks, at first base, Ryan Wills at second and Manny Gonzalez at third base. We mentioned on the mound for the Redlegs today is Luis Castillo. And as always, it's a pleasure to be joined by Chris Welch. Crafty Lefty and Chris. When you look at Luis Castillo Well, he has just been a different pitcher over his last four games or so, and that is a welcome sight for Reds fan. Well, you're right. Maybe not welcome cipher. The opposing hitters, though he's got his location down better, Tommy. I think that's the biggest thing throughout this whole. Problem. April and May for Castillo. He's still through 97. He still had a good change up. So as long as he's healthy.

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