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He's worthy of all reverence, and then knowing that we bring our request to him and I think he uses circumstances like what happened to you guys this weekend to remind us of those things, and as you said, it's often those things that will bring about salvation Y-. Talking about what's going on in the world right now. I mean utter chaos. I mean it is insanity. You know we we are watching. You'll people literally. I was telling this to someone today. We have people who claim that they are anti anti-fascist, and they are doing the things that the Nazis and the fascist did. In order to take control and have a revolution it's it's very very bizarre. ignorant, very ignorant of history and yet still think they're on the right side of history very interesting, but God is using this house. He using that I think he's you know we as Americans have been so prideful about who we are as Americans. The God says, let me show you. How just how valuable? Is In my estimation as far as a nation goes, and he takes his hands off this idol that we've worshiped for so long, and he says let me show you what it actually is. It is a nation full of sinners, reprobates and you know. Absolutely debased people let me just pull my hands of restriction away or restraint away and show you what you really are. and. We are watching the very fabric of society in so many places just be ripped asunder. and. Some of US may look at that, and we'll God what. Why aren't you helping us? We're crying out to you. I think there's a certain aspect of that I, think he is I think he's showing us what? This nation really has been built upon for the last several decades, and that is absolute. I I'd dollar tree. And he you know it's Paul Washer that said not long ago and he took a lot of heat as I recall..

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