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Well this one is a little bit more interesting i think these things to go straight where the clip and shifts to boon an asia though show shulman shirts such toto motor lying oh a t since yet doll her isn't it as an a journalist who had change price which i could do that it's basically it is that throughout it i think it needs that one more little bit needs amid light and needs a break of some soul is top of the trees but is number one and he caught argue that kenya is with us three of separated for tournament so toepfer yeah wow big joe 'cause you at the beginning of that video since is the beach this kind of like hooded northern english man who says 70 can avail is he described the hooded he's a he's like a source serag but he's got a slight noor salman adding said i've got a lack of july but yeah i know this some of the crossing it is easy joker as in jericho it was a joke 'cause you noticed joker lose your jacket in any changes aimed to joka goods could add to this on is about the ferryman it's called the ferry madam caretaking people across to the other side then i feel like robert marrying video don't yeah i love that hole and for remand it's a great album clearly with some inspired some title very good bill that was great fun thank you for that the world of joe because you reveal to us all which is a relief i think thank you very much for.

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