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The Fisher house foundation nobody hears about the Fisher house they're always behind the scenes and they're always standing up and helping soldiers and or military in general and the family and they always do it they have very little overhead and they do a wonderful job of what they do and I truly truly from my heart could not think of a better organization to to go with this one and another volunteer of the year Christopher Scott and his ceremony we have been coming to Fisher house and cooking meals now for over seven years I want to tell you that for me are the people that hold your hand as you come into this world the people who hold your hand as you go through this world and those people who hold your hand as you leave this world the Fisher house all our volunteers all the staff we hold people's hands remember the sign of the Fisher house and I want you to remember and look at that occasionally and remember that it's to have around the hard above the house at Fisher house we hold people's hands with love and care we take care of them thanks for all you do Christopher and Terry how do you volunteer go to Fisher house dot org and click on get involved Walter in Washington DC your host for the Fisher house story in their own words so far we've heard from moms and dads wives and veterans themselves now we need to do of airforce veteran Chuck Shelton his story for Mallory Shelton of Navarre Florida so my name is Mallory cells and I am from Navarre Florida and on October fourteenth at twenty seventeen my father was involved in a traumatic car accident leaving him paralyzed so my father is trapped in the truck was in the Air Force he did twenty four years lives around the world and settled here in a car it was that the spinal cord injury so as you can imagine it was pretty traumatic we spent eleven days and then I see you in my memory Alabama and following that I see you say to a private spinal cord hospital.

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