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The Jericho network on Westwood One. Tall tall recall. Ricco. All right, welcome and talk. Is Jericho? It's the pot of thunder and rock and roll today. It's about the most popular longest running rock and roll magazine of all time talking about Rolling Stone and we're here a senior editor. Patrick Doyle Rolling Stone celebrated their fiftieth anniversary last year were recently bought by new owner, but the great rock and roll features interviews and covers continue been subscribing for fifteen years lovingly. Stone. Patrick's got plenty of stories about covering some Iraq's biggest icons like the Rolling Stones. Bob Dylan. Paul McCartney he spent a week with kid. Rock has kid rock shot a bunch of pigs. Spent another week with Ed Sheeran played basketball with Mumford and sons. Sat down with kings of Leon, Patrick stories are endless, and you hear what it tastes to get a story, break a story and not kill the relationship in the process. And of course he's got a wishlist mile long and you hear a few legendary names that he hopes to have a chance to interview in the future. He's talking about his boss winter. The man who founded Rolling Stone magazine, what Patrick learned from yawn and it's still learning from yawn. We got rock and roll stories coming up with Patrick. Doyle, senior editor of Rolling Stone magazine on the cover of the Rolling Stone Ronin stone, some good rock and roll by Dr hook right there. And it's a good rock and roll with Fosse coming up as we get ready to kick off the European tour tomorrow night lie twenty six at the Fezzan festival and Hungary. Tonight I'm gonna go see Halloween who's headlining the festival. We're on the main stage Simone and Hungary, and got along show and then twenty seven. That's a headlining show in Prague Czech Republic at future rock rock ballroom or something like that. Twenty eight rock of ages festival in Seabrook Germany, twenty twenty-ninth. Another headlining shows Zurich, Switzerland, advert Twenty-one in Iraq and all night long Zurich, seven thirty one at the rock planet and peanut they serve in Italy. August. I is Lavinia August third, Vakhin festival and vodka. Germany returning Vakhin after so many years on August. Fourth, another fuzzy headline show in Berlin, Germany, August sixth, and seventh and bowl home in a shopping Burgh. We are supporting Mr. big August night land is Iraq festival in Alicante, Spain, August eleventh. The Alcatraz Alcatraz vessel germ Belgium and August twelfth, bloodstock at canton part in Walton on Trent.

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