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What i pray for i think more than anything would have to be feedback you know what i mean i'm a giver but i love taking as well do you understand like when it comes to karmic energy i'm versatile you know i like put it out there and i was it i'll take it hard when i give it hard i always have always will i'll take it hard to beautiful so i give on the sean i'm the top of straight talk and i'm always giving right yeah our top some call me okay anyone i don't i'm the powell top of straight talk i'm always giving and you guys you guys are your pill apprentices all the bombs lay there take it but but your power bottom to me it doesn't matter what i'm saying is what i'm saying is over matter i like it when people give back right and we'll listener has given back a listener reached out to me and said ross guess what hope you didn't have a big dinner 'cause i'm going to give it today this this is a a listener did something for us i got what i'm gonna do it back and let let them give it you know what i mean okay for once on our anniversary oh wait can i please interrupt a prayer for a very important announcement happy ross mathews day so so more like should be asked ross mathews recording this on thursday june seventh two thousand eighteen anyone remember.

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