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All right that the moment perhaps got a little bit of weight from a little too much fervor but what was your actions jerry jones jerry rice jerry rice sorry charter jones on the best dagenham owner ever say reaction i've actually been a part of conversations like this not not amongst the hall of famers but amongst other athletes and i get that i've been asked that question so many times over the last twenty years is jerry rice degrade is football player ever now most of us hall of famers first of all jerry is doing that at the lake tahoe at the golf tournament they have all the celebrities and everything that's the only place he can do that he can't do that in canton because we wouldn't have any talk like that we're all on the same team we're all and he would get some backlash might even be like a better football player did you immediately but jerry should be utterly knows that too jerry knows that any knows the hall of fame rules all right and he knows we're not hear the talk about that then there's a guy that walks in with a cane named jim brown that would probably be able to silence jerry's conversation f jerry decided to have it but we have had the conversation before as athletes jerry would definitely be in the conversation with me as one of the five greatest football players ever i could even represent because of his distance between whoever is the number two receiver and his ability to build a score on the football field so you can say is jerry rice grades football player ever that's one argument is either grace person that's ever scoring the football you don't see the most dangerous football player you can have them in that conversation long jetty expertise in his prime pro bowls all pro all those things jerry rice would still be in the conversation.

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