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And weather station. KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. We are back with Dr George Pratt. As we talk about the rate of suicides and. Huddah keep that at a much lower rate. What about other countries, George where do we fare compared to India? Russia, China, you know, I don't have statistics on that. But I would say. I think we have an obligation to help. People that are in distress. And just like some of the people that were even the fellow that was in the military with untreated PTSD. Yes. Yes. And we have an obligation to help restore people and to support them in terms of. Helping them to work through the problems. So that they can function and contribute and have and happy lives. Let's go to some of the calls again. Jeff in Adams Ville Tennessee's with us. Hi, jeff. Thanks for calling. Hi, jeff. Joel great Jeffrey. Thank you. I'm not doing. Plays that Matt. Or something or something online. Back in November ninety seven. I was going on my dad passed away. Drove one financial problems now. Mom, my mother got left know, she's played out on her and. The twenty two. What did you do that? Jeff. November ninety seven November ninety seven. And you getting help with anybody right now. I can't get any help other in Quinto. No. Medicine or something. And I. I can't. Oh, my focusing. I miss bad bad shape. Now sister passed away at the forty but almost thirty years ago. Now, I will do you Geoffrey. I'm forty two forty two years old are you working nam disable, but I don't I don't desire to bay. But. Dominate ten months and this. It's hard to get by on that. I know it's tough. Are you living with your mother or? What does that look right now? If you if you could change something right now, what would that be? My of transportation. By vocalist, doctor and get my friends. Do you have anybody a near you that could help with transportation because it sounds like you need some help right now. And and then also you wanna get your medications straightened out because if you're taking a anti anxiety medication that those can also cause you to. Bad mixture, isn't it? Yeah. It's he wants the right medications. But you want not only the medication you need some help and some therapy. Do you have anything available through social security where you are? So that you could talk to somebody face to face to help you to get through these things. I bet a Quinta which the. Doctor's office or whatever. Cut me off tell them several times. Off them Turkey. And I think is really messed up to. And I think the twenty third day it's getting up to me to an honest. Everything is crashing down all at once. And. Oh. Do you have do you have friends or other relatives that you can connect with any support base there? Jeff not much not really. Right. Bring thing. I. You know, you want with some free books help you or anything like that this raid. But I like to. Expanded. I'm gonna put you on hold, and we're gonna get your address, and they'll get it to me and worship you some books and stuff. Okay. And do you have access to a computer? Jeff. Oh, I got. Internet on the phone. Okay. Doc in they Email you too. Yes, they can through your website. All right, Jeff, if you go to coast to coast, AM dot com. Just look for the section that has tonight's guests and click the name, Dr George Pratt. You'll get his website and send them an Email or two, but give Damian your e your your your shipping address. And I'll get you some books off personally, send them out to you. And I will and I will send you something to remember. You can get that free. Download which is a deep relax -ation, and that actually helps but I want you do you have do you have a church or friends? With in some way. My my favorite preacher. Don't know. I don't know about congressman my best buy repeats breaks in the world. And I can't tell me to my uncle John was going in charge there, and he was sovereign God praising God and stuff. He jumped out since they river bridge. Oh my gosh. I'm just. Gotta move that cloud away from Jeffrey, and they're taking to know. Are you receiving are you having any resources? In terms of money, you're or anything like that. Money or any kind of medical care. Disability. Then. Okay. Cover can you go into a medical with that? Or is that is that the whole thing? Has that medical with that? But. Doctors Rotman time. All right. Well, let's get his address. I'll get us address doc in. Let's hope he sends you an Email, and you can respond a little bit more respond, and I'll send you something to. Okay, great. Let's go next to. Someone named anonymous. They're calling themselves anonymous in Arizona. Hello there. Anonymous. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes. I sure can. Okay. First of all, I want to say that I feel like I'm treading on sacred ground on my behalf and on behalf. Everybody who. Has committed or had the intent to commit suicide. My suicide attempt was last year. Oh, geez. Okay. I was a medical student attending medical school was on the army scholarship. My intent was to become a psychiatrist in the arm. Your family practice doc in the army. I had an autoimmune disease diagnosed in two thousand eleven in my first year medical school. And of course, the medical school was more than willing to take the army's money and just keep me going when it got to third year and got into my clinicals, and I was on immune suppressing drugs. I ended up getting a lot of people illnesses. With that my pain ramped up and the painting ended up getting worse. It was. In is. Immune inflammatory arthritis. They weren't so fair. Sherpas ankylosing spondylitis yourself. Well, anyhow. Time went by you know, I was married. I am married. Have a daughter. My wife has. Let's actually I sent her. She had to have open heart surgery. We didn't have enough money to get it done here in the state. So I sent her back to Costa Rica where she was from because she had a insurance there, and she took my daughter with and because of my difficulties with my illness, she stayed in Costa Rica, family, doctor into basically, objecting my daughter and not coming back. Does she keep in touch with you at all? Yes. But it was it got to be so bad. And and when my daughter who is only two and a half years old wouldn't talk. I wife would just point the phone at the floor at the ceiling and not say anything, and it got to be so unbearable that it was making me more suicidal. So I couldn't call anymore. So the way I keep in touch with my daughters. I just write letters, and she'll know the truth when when I'm older if I make it that far, and but I wanna say a couple of things number one. The first important thing is that George Knapp did a show on Sunday at this past Sunday. But the Sunday before that on the opioid crisis in that a lot of the numbers that are used to say that, you know, people who are prescribed opiates are the ones who are committing suicide. That's not true. Most of those numbers are padded by people who are using street drugs. I will let you guys both know I've ever used a street drug. Okay. I've never drunk alcohol. I've never smoked. Wanna or taking any marijuana? I've never smoked a cigarette. I'm active member of the church of Jesus Christ latter-day saints yet with the support. That's there. I have one hundred thousand dollars of debt that I can't wrap my head around hell gonna get to paying that back. I don't work right now. Because I'm not dependable. I I wake up one morning and I'm assigned the next morning. I'm six my stomach, and I have these cold sweats in student loan debt, you're talking about. Absolutely. Yeah. Which can't discharge in bankruptcy. Not right. You know, George. What I decided to commit suicide. It was after I tried to go. And I was turned down for another job to teach seminary students the students like me, but I was turned down for the job. I when I was up when I found out I didn't get that job. I was hiking out of the Grand Canyon. I couldn't even hike because my body hurt so bad, and I said, well, if I can't hike and do something I love, I can't work. If I can't provide for my wife and my daughter, and they don't stand by me. I don't have anything to live for and I wasn't doing it. For me because I was sorry for myself. I was a burden to everybody around me. My father was going nuts. You couldn't he didn't want me at his house. He couldn't understand how a guy who was a seventeen time marathoner ended up getting sick. He thought maybe I was confabulation. And I just felt that just so alone in such a burden to others that I said, I cannot live my life as a burden to others. When I whole purpose was to be to help others to be that psychiatrist or people in the armies of family practice, doctor for people married to help others and that couldn't wrap my head around being a burden, and I didn't want to be that. I couldn't I couldn't do that burden on my wife. And so I sent down every penny that I had to Costa Rica. I tried to commit suicide was unsuccessful. I won't tell you how I did it. Because again, I feel like it's sacred. And it's my experience, it's not anybody else's. But. But it was not out of selfishness. It was I did everything I could to try to give every penny. I had that my wife my daughter and say, you know, what I just can't bird and other people. I can't do this. Aren't you? Glad though that you did not succeed in doing that. Am I I don't know. Am I I'm not depressing, and I'll tell you another thing, I am not depressed. Because when I feel good physically I go out and jog and try to do the things that I love to do what what kind of very very very logical decision. And I don't wanna be putting a box one of this guys depressing. Doesn't know it. I know what depression, and they know what empty is. I know again from being a third year medical student. I know clinical medicine rather. Well. But, you know, am I glad George? No. Why wouldn't make me glad not be a burden to be who I was. And to be able to go out and help you from serve somebody. You'll get there again. Yeah. We don't give up. Well, you are a very era. Very bright guy. You were trying to do the right thing. And you're trying to help your wife, and you have integrity, and you made her priority, and they didn't and she didn't respond with that same degree of integrity that you have you want to help people. There's a path for you. You're a smart guy. And and you have a spiritual perspective. There are people that will help you. How's your health? Now your physical health. You know, a couple of months ago, I had a gun to my chest because I was in so much, physical pain and the pain management. Doctor says we don't have cancer. No, it couldn't say that. I didn't have large showed me because I had some parental T-cells cells. But they couldn't prove it from the pet scan. They said you don't have Kenya. So we're just like an up your pain meds. And I said I'm not looking for up. I'm looking for something that will help you get sleep through the night because.

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