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Any tax exemptions due to this band that may be because of the fine print in a particular state law explain good morning I'm Megan bishop with our top stories and traffic and weather together the avoid some construction it's back on forty five south on your highway ten they did this yesterday as well walking the ramp to westbound on ten that still scheduled until about four thirty today two eighty one southbound still on pace for about a fifteen minute drive between stone oak parkway and thirty five to six minutes to travel northbound thirty five from sixteen oh four to eleven oh three I'm Joe Wilson news radio twelve hundred W. only online this report is sponsored by unbound dot org right now there are young people across the world facing a tough choice continue their dream of education or drop out to help their family put food on the table you can help change their future in a single moment see how far your support can go at unbound dot org dry weather continuing Friday's the next chance of thunderstorms temperatures low modify also seventy one blue sky this afternoon tonight clear forty nine Thursday sun some afternoon clouds AT Friday some afternoon thunderstorms low eighties and a few showers and thunderstorms around Saturday and early Sunday I would hear all the three Stooges the weather channel it's an attorney as official weather station news radio twelve hundred W. away I fifty seven degrees under clear blue skies Levin what it news radio twelve hundred W. away I mayor Ron Nirenberg god declared more and more people are recovering from the corona virus in their county and.

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