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So i'm not gonna tell me can't play it but we have very specific time boundaries boundaries. On that i've seen you write about the importance of boundaries with screen time Can you talk about why that's important. And how that can help us once again go from frazzled fund Well it's so easy we we all know as moms. It's easy to get overwhelmed. And we just want our kids to sit still and be quiet. Yeah so put us put him on a screen that works you know but what they're finding in all. The studies now are showing that more screen time leads to more mental health issues. More depression in children They are really. The confidence levels are low the way they're able to interact socially but the biggest thing is just depression and that it's just really hard thing so really keeping an a handle on it and it's hard i'm not gonna lie. It's hard especially when your kids get old enough to have bones and things like that but having specific times when they're allowed to be on them definitely we don't have phones or ipads or anything dinner. We don't have them plugged in at the room. They're supposed to turn them in an hour before bedtime. Oh okay that doesn't always happen but we try to get close and if they need to come back and check like if a friend is picking them up for school or something they need to check. They can check but then they need to go. Do you have a place where they live not in their bedrooms at night. Yeah it's pretty much in our bathroom. Bagger okay bathroom. Sometimes it's been in the kitchen. It depends on how trustworthy the children have been. Okay as they're going up in what's going on but i'm some of them have been able to just keep it in the kitchen. Plug it in night and go it. Just it always depends on the child and their their track records so okay but definitely that is such an important thing and i know. Our kids have seen the benefits. There have been times where they've lost privileges. There was one time when one of our sons. We said literally. You can have ten minutes three times a day to check your phone to be on your phone that's it. You've lost the rest your privileges and he realized it was actually pretty good to not even have that. What we do is parents when we set boundaries is we take the pressure off of our kids from that angst of gotta check it got to check in it is addictive the all the programs video games the apps they make them they design them to be addictive absolutely and so. It's no wonder that we can't pull ourselves off of our phones. It's hard enough for us as adults but for our children giving that boundary of like..

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