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Eh? Once again. The radio adventures of Dr fluid brought to you by the Floyd dot com. In order to fully comprehend the shocking events of our last episode in which Dr Steve shot, Dr. Void was some sort of weapon that made in vanish completely. We need to go back in time to the minutes after the final episode of season seven where we see Dr Steven frigid arriving at their secret lair with the newly re stolen time and space travel. Vice well, we made it back. Fidget. I will say one thing. All this running shook keeps us fit and trim. But now's the time to rest on our laurels. Yes. Laurels. That's the name. I've given are easy chair recliners. As I was saying, we have no time to waste fit the time and space travel device into this ship. We need to make time jump. We're going to make good on my promise to make sure that libraries never exist. Minutes later. Our story. Resumes on Mazen street in Boston Massachusetts that date is March twenty first eighteen fifty four and we find Dr Steve and fidget hiding in some bushes. See that former school house across the street deficit that is the Boston public library the first large public library in the United States. I'm in. I'm in remember. Yes. There was a public library in Peterborough New Hampshire that opened nineteen years earlier than this one. But that one was founded only when their original plans to build a college fell through the Boston public library was the first public library. That was founded on purpose. And after this one they started to spread like the plague up leg I will now exterminate once and for all by using a little trick. I learned from one of my favorite professes here. When I give the signal you push play on this boombox got it. Good now. Follow me, Stephen Fisher, leave their hiding place and stroll out on a Mason street towards where several residents of Boston have lined up to check out the brand new library, excuse me them. Mrs Dunlop, MRs Dunlop, what's all this about? Oh, didn't he we got US House a library just opened up yesterday? We're letting our children go in and check out books. You're letting your children go into the library, check out books. Yes. Is there? Something wrong with that get ready with music fidget. But it's a library. Don't you wanna stand friendy? The you are closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to acknowledge or you are not aware of the caliber of. Disaster indicated by the presence of a library and your community hit it. Fidget. Where you got trouble. My friend right here. Say trouble right here in Boston citywide shore book Rita, certainly might say them too proud to say, I consider that the hours I spend with a book in my hand, golden. Cultivate, a big brain common sense and a mind. Try to put down a suspense novel. What you're only at chapter from the end. But just as I say it takes gumption brains cuck dish in the finish up. Book guy say that any tweed can go and check out a novel from the library. And I call that slot. The first big step on the road to the depths of Dag or h savers. It's a three page early Rita. Then a full blown chapter and the next thing. You know, you'll son is reading pleasure in his free time listening to some big spotty pants line Varian here and talk about a new kind of book, not a regular book. No book without any at all to see some stugz library boy finishing warranties. Make your blood boil when I should say. Now, let me tell you what I mean, you got to six eight nine ten Dewey classification classifications that Mark the difference between a gentleman Anna geek with a capital G in that rise with the nets dance book and all. All week long. Boston city usually reader in a all young men will be reader in read win away, the new time sometime Joe time to gotta read one more chapter never mind. Get rooms clean all homework done on the laundry. Folded never mind by any gifts to their parents are left with their heads on them birthday nine. That's trouble. Who yes, we've got lots of lots of trouble up thinking on the kids in the Blake and sweet faced young ones peak in the library door. You got trouble folks right here in Boston city with a capital t and that rhymes with being that stands for. No. I know while you folks are the right? Kind of parents, I'm going to be perfectly Frank which would like to do what kind of conversations go on finish up latest book that we talk about characters talking about sex talking about literary devices like scholarly feeds, then Brian and all about how they're going to go out at ride out a great point one five night, then the library headed for the campus at the call. For charity. Sorority women at credit card applications. I don't try your son your daughter to the dead the likes of which Domenico seem yet mass hysteria breads, alerted brain is the devil's playground. Trouble right here. Boston. With a capital t and that rhymes with being that stats full. We surely trouble right here. Boston city. Gotta figure out a way to keep the children dumbed down after school children. Trouble. Trouble. Trouble trouble. Trump others of Boston city. He that warning before it's too late watch for the telltale signs of corruption the minute, your son leaves the house. Does he slip on a pair of brand new reading glasses? Otheir newsprint stains on his index. Finger a bookmark hidden in the corden crib is. He memorizing words have rose as the Sorus are certain phrases, creeping newest vocabulary phrases like once upon a time and happily ever after when if so my friends on Trump. Right here. Boston city. In the capital t and that rhymes with B. That's. Shirley, got trouble right here. Boston city. Remember, there's no one that thinks that reading a book is cool. We've got trouble France got table. Trump posing for library second. We've got trouble. Trouble. Trouble. With with being. Well

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