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Facts allow you to make decisions in unpredictable times. Get the facts you need. From The Wall Street Journal from Free Corona virus updates to daily deep dives and our podcasts and videos. Wsj is a trusted source in uncertain times visit. this is tech. News briefing for Friday may eighth. I'm Terry Yokum from the Wall Street Journal. Congratulations you've finished. Another week of working from home your award. Our senior personal tech columnist bannister is back to share some solutions to your work from home tech troubles. Today we've got some simple automation and how to take your to do list digital. That's coming up after these headlines. It's well known that China requires social media and messaging companies to censor its citizens messages that includes the country's most popular apple he chat but researchers at the University of Toronto have now found that we chat also closely monitors its international users activity. They say we chat analyzes messages sent over the platform and adds any taboo images and documents to its internal blacklist. The report found that human and automated sensors. Then use that blacklist scrub Chinese messages faster and more effectively. The new findings come as International. Governments are investigating Chinese APPS for Censorship and Privacy Violations tencent holdings which is the operator of Chad did not respond to our request for comment. Facebook expects the pandemic to affect their business for months to come a spokeswoman says the social media giant will not be opening many of its offices until at least July and that employees will be allowed to work from home until the end of twenty twenty. Facebook has already canceled events with more than fifty people through twenty twenty one. We're still in. The midst of season and Uber is the latest report. Uber's food delivery service eats was alone. Bright spot we talked about that yesterday but still reported a loss of nearly three billion dollars for the last quarter. The news comes as lift reported losses earlier this week. Both rideshare companies have laid off thousands of workers in recent days as depend takes especially hard toll on the GIG economy and normally the first quarter after the holidays is a slow time for video game sellers but Nintendo says people stuck at home have reversed that trend if only temporarily in earnings released on Thursday Nintendo reported that they'd sold more than three million switches and over thirteen million copies of the game. Animal crossing in the last quarter meaning. Yes it wasn't just you. There were a lot of people talking about their islands in the past couple of months after the break senior personal columnist Joanna Stern. We'll be back with tech tips of the week. That's coming up.

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