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Finally do it tobin where it's it's all happening. We're talking about him forever. Can I have you introduce yourself okay? Sure I'm David Gable. I work here. Wnyc other and that's how we know each other. I know which is Is Crazy me because when I was getting ready for this conversation I was thinking about wh questions I had for you. And one of them was so basic because even though we work together I don't know like where are you from? Originally Milwaukee Milwaukee MILWAUKEE born arrays Milwaukee bopped around to a couple of different universities graduated from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. The time Mary Tyler Moore was actually throwing her hat in the air. They were filming at there at the time. It was great at my year. Was that that you moved to New York. Nineteen eighty nine hundred. Eighty nine hundred eighty. I moved right into it. Stephen and I met and he was in graduate school. And I was an Undergrad and he was a native New Yorker So I know so easy. 'cause he moved back like six months before me and he's calling me trying to pick out an apartment in New York Connecticut New York and we ended up on fourteenth between eighth and ninth dump but it was good and we made a cute. I was so I was so in love and out of Milwaukee and living in New York and and we were setting up house. I'd like it was time to be in love and be Tony. Be Young.

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