Russell Westbrook, Troy Daniels, Lakers discussed on Chicago's GameNight


Russell Westbrook on the bench coming in from the login yacht Yanis one all euro we did also I think it's got Christmas and he really go wrong you really can't should be a lot of fun hope you join us Troy Daniels with a three out of the timeout miss but who's the right they're offering to rebound and puts it in for the score one ten ninety four in favor the Lakers under eight minutes to go to be a fun weekend in the way sweetie sitting there on ESPN radio Jordan pull is pool heating up the rookie out of Michigan we had that buzzer beating three against Houston early in the eighteen NCAAs on their way to the championship game which they lost by the way their castles all over the world there's a lob for James makes the catch somehow on the sideline doesn't step out and finds your veil McGee right at the Cup I thought he got bush and I think how do you fall out of bounds he gets that call what you think yeah I think we would add that Lee whistle tennis is for lebron James tonight because of what thirty five games now reset at least ten assist one twelve ninety seven in favor the Lakers Jordan pull in traffic for three in and out of print supported tell we could grab it James has it lebron's with his brother this thirty fourth game of ten plus a six years James for three missed it on top the Skylanders soon as the Golden State rebel he's the only guy in the league averaging double digit assists and he's almost eleven per game hi Bollman try.

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