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Of the magnitude zero range in six weaker quakes the quakes ranging from zero to nine miles that's relatives sea level and according to reports fifteen people reported who us geological survey that they felt the june fifteen through a quick near west yellowstone the university of utah has the seismograph the they're measuring the quakes there uh it yellowstone it according to the national park service the largest form of earthquakes happened in 1985 would more than three thousand quakes were recorded in a threemonth period in the northwestern portion of the park now there noah thority is right mind is going to say if the quake signalled the possibility of a volcanic apocalypse the when i'm talking about is the super choldera and and and people are worry they're writing say will all these earthquakes you to talk about the montreal astronomy the this could mean the end of the world you could but i mean what it hasn't erupted there in 70000 years i guess but aid there's always a possibility right at north or he's going to say that this is going to happen but people are starting to feel the cold edges of the apocalypse i think and this is the thing is that a lot of you know eskaton paranoia that's going on and i mean it it's warranted because the yellowstone choldera super volcano ito seventy thousand years ago it erupted and there was a lot of you know and and there's been a lot of seismic activity near the area in the wyoming area the volcano there he be order robbed it would kill it estimated eighty seven thousand people and then immediately either that's an immediate area eighty seven thousand people will die right there a twothirds of the united states would become completely uninhabitable because it would create nuclear winter two thirds of united states oh here we have this thing.

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