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Outside parties would make significant steps on charter schools that would play into the negotiations. But they they did get a little something in the contract. They weren't asking for as much related to charters in the contract as you might think and the board is supposed to consider a resolution asking for a moratorium on charters, but that's a very symbolic the charter law is is done at the state level. I mean, it could happen who knows and then finally testing there is a committee that will develop a plan to reduce the amount of testing by fifty percent. Well, we'll see if it's reduced by fifty percent. But the committee is there and that allows the union to declare victory on that front. And then maybe it would be meaningful in in that they would have some input into what the right amount of standardized testing is. But that's certainly something that has traditionally been a district decision because it's something that applies district wide. I was gonna add two things one on the UCLA factsheet summary of the first item on there is the privatization and charter cap resolution. So it's still a rhetorical top liner for them. It's it's three categories about salary, but it was a victory for public education. I I don't want to minimize law. I think UT LA the teachers with the community and the students and the leadership of UCLA really, I think surprised everybody about the power of that unity. But now, let's see if they can take this energy and look at the June and November elections of twenty twenty put.

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