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We span the globe to bring you the informative irreverent information. You did not no you didn't need to know. I am are James. And as always alongside me here at the poop news desk is the Woodward and Bernstein of bullshit, Rick man, crush and Bobi craft. We start off this week with an update from previous poop news story in a mystery that has finally been solved because British authorities have arrested a suspect who's wanted image went viral last year, and we reported here on poop news because his photo made him look a lot like Ross Geller from friends portrayed by David Schwimmer. Do you guys? Remember this story. Oh, yeah. Guy walked into a liquor store in walked out with a whole case of beer. Got caught on camera. And everyone's like, that's David Schwimmer. Well, the gentleman has been arrested in surprise. He looks nothing like David Schwimmer imagine that. Yeah. My issue at this is have you guys seen those photos that are like so many mega pixels that you can actually zoom in almost people's faces and make them out. You've seen those right? Yes. We don't have that same type of technology and security cameras at this point. It's two thousand nineteen we have ring doorbells that have high definition ten eighty p video streaming and we have blurred out faces on security cameras. Exactly. And I'm so glad you brought that up because that's exactly where I was going with this new story. The camera quality is so poor. I mean, obviously, you see the mug shot of the gentleman who was arrested here. Same facial structure as Ross Geller. But looks nothing like. Him. He looks like a stage in the evolution of humans. It's like somebody dropped an end villain. Looks flat. So I mean, the picture went viral last year in David Schwimmer himself, even got in on the fun and made a parody video of himself carrying almost the exact same style of beer. It was just hilarious now that the the has been cracked. Yeah. Looks nothing like him. So can we please get some security cameras that don't look like colored blobs maybe we can solve some crimes? This is the the issue here has nothing to do with the technology. That's out it has to do with these shops never upgrading their shit. That's good point. It's time you go to a liquor store. Just look at the camera the liquor store if that's it looks like it's from nineteen eighty-seven probably from nineteen seventy seven. They're they're probably still using VHS cassettes in the back. Wow. Man. I mean, you could buy a decent access like swivel camera now.

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