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Podcast were so happy that you are joining us. Today my name is karen paddock. And i'm here with my co host. Kathleen legris hey kathleen karen. Guess what i love our ask us anything episodes. These are so much fun. Mrs i love all of our firm outs but this one is kind of extra special because get to answer your questions exactly and it's so nice when we can take a few questions and bundle them up into one particular episode. Some questions don't require an whole episode. A lot of the content that we put out for the podcast is directly related to questions that we've been asked our facebook group or clients have asked us and we're thinking he how this is a good episode but as i said some of them don't require a whole episode so today we're going to bundle a couple of questions together and we're going to just roll with it. Hey kathleen neal we are. Well we haven't done and ask us episode. Ask us anything episode in quite some time so we thought it was time and as always as kathleen mentioned we enjoy our format. We'd love answering your questions. And what we love really about. This is that we enjoy a wide range of topics and there are a couple of questions today. that are absolute faves from topic standpoint. If you have questions for us be sure to find a son instagram. To let us know what you would like to talk about what you would like answered and then we might feature your question on a future. Ask us anything episode. You can find us at karen patta on instagram or kathleen legris. We would love to connect with you there and don't be afraid to ask us a question. Every single question is a good question. There are no dumb questions. And if you're thinking it and wondering at and trying to figure it out a guarantee there's at least a hundred other people doing the exact same thing thing so share your questions with us because we are excited and ready to answer and let's face it..

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