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The murders Serb television tarps go ahead. I'm sorry go ahead. First of all our friends Karl. Anthony Remember Them mm-hmm. They did a year in music over on access TV. They're hosting one of the year's tonight. You may want to check that out. I think they're hosting nine hundred ninety ninety four access. TV Act a ex ex ex off. There was like a a a an underarm deodorant for high. Hi Lucy Hale's stars in the Riverdale. Spinoff Katy keene. You have a lot of things on Netflix that everyone's loving the pharmacist. The Stranger MC million so there's a lot of cool things and I know a lot of people were also loving the Taylor swift documentary. And it's only what an hour you said. You'll take the tower Mr McConnell and I really think it's a great watch. I enjoyed except for that. I was in embarrassed hour. We're GONNA talk about all the new NOUVEAUX JJ products you can get. God Pay if you know Taylor Swift will you. Will you apologize to her because I am so. I'm sick and that I'm in that scene in where she was asked very embarrassing question. I didn't ask it the Weirdo that I was working with did it. Based on watching it I feel like it was pretty obvious. It did not come from you because you can even see your face Kinda like no but I laughed. I laughed at it because it was so stupid. I'm like yeah. Yeah here's right. It's Nancy Odell. They're talking to Taylor Swift. She was dressed beautifully on the red carpet of the grammys as why.

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