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Skyline studio high top Chicago when you look out on the roads and we've got so many great cars really great cruises so many great cruise nights and so many communities that have lots of great cars all over the place we think a team photo maybe the mount Rushmore when it comes to classic cars muscle cars maybe some of those cars that people love in the Ford Mustang is definitely one of those that's up there is one of the superstars of the classic car world and excited to have on the line I got it out only has great cars but agree club to go along with that he's part of the stallions gate Mustang and Ford club got a big event coming up on September fourteen it's Gerry granted Gary welcome to WGN day date I know we've got an event coming up but you've had a lot of events in one of those is of course your connection with Mustang and with the club talk about you personally like what was it it was when you were a kid you first saw one and you're like oh my gosh I got to have one of those how did it start with you well as a matter of fact when I was in that I when I was in high school you know a lot of those cars back in the in the mid sixties and seventies war are really popular my dad was always a Ford man and I guess I kind of related to that too but I ended up buying a sixty five Mustang coupe I had a friend for years it needed a ton of work but shortly after that my wife and I will give you get married and we're trying to save money to buy a house and everything so we ended up selling the car but before I saw that my dad bought one in seventy three and so we took some of the parts off my car which I was going to sell and that's a car rates are currently going to date fifty five red Mustang convertible effect K. code it's actually a fairly rare Carl but it's been a family seventy three well I did and I help rebuild quite a bit of that over the course of those years that's neat where you have that connection the family can actually get to build the car the love the card you're lucky to you know to you there's a lot of pressures on the leash ships out there we all know about the statistics and did it did happen Gerry where you know you have the the sell the car in order to go ahead and start this new life together with you wonderful wife was there any resentment you know were there times during an argument where you felt like Hey you made me sell the Mustang no no not at all because nothing really need a lot of work into focus was actually in all star nightlife and saving money there to get a house can continue on with that but I think a lot of that hello and now runs off of my dad and that's when now he got his car well that's nice is that you guys got together you build the car now let's talk a little bit about the club because there is one thing that I think is a common thread with motor sports enthusiasts we always say there's a love affair with the automobile and part of it even for people who don't have the cars you see this you know streets the communities the cars of the crews that not everybody in fact probably most of the people don't have a great car but they love to kind of walking down and kind of talk with some of the people have got to get some of that back story not only on the origins but also the connections with the cars and what's on it what's not and you know all that kind of stuff and so with the club talk about the stallions gate mistaken for club like you guys got together and I'm sure you know there's a lot of people with a lot of great cars yeah yeah it's gonna take staring gate Mustang import club started back in nineteen nine ninety three and I did during the quote till two thousand but it's actually all for Dan and Mustangs and currently right now we're we're based out of the Palestine area but we have club members that come out like far as outside of Rockford downed Aurora up to greet me and break every place in between we have about ninety members we made once a month like on the second Saturday we go to different venues different restaurants I know we have a lot of a lot of activities to and we have already to the cars from the sixty four all we have to two thousand eighteen so if you like Mustangs in your supporter of that now we see the four club well so there's a lot of different cars in there but you guys have because you know what some of the the current Mustangs are really great some of them are very cool they may not have sort of that classic iconic status but you've got some of those like Shelby cobra dozens there's some really cool cars in there that aren't necessarily sort of in the vintage category where you guys come down on that yeah well you know we have all all makes and models when it comes down to that and H. the effect of club president has California special which is it it's a beautiful car I think it's a two thousand thirteen I think I don't know but it's it's a gorgeous car and we have everything in between and were all cards to the S. and whether they're they're old in the sixties and seventies that we have cards from almost every era of all the Mustangs and now these hedges love cars and love the crews and it's it's a real tight knit groups so we do a lot a lot of stuff together we have a lot of events all during the course of the entire year we need twelve months of the year we get together I'm sure the membership you mention based in Palestine is where you typically me but I'm sure the guys come from and girls right come from all over sort of the Chicago land area I am sure that they live in different places but you guys are converging your bring it all together to have the entire club together for a great show that's happening at Hopkins Ford in Elgin on September fourteenth talk a little bit about the event that's coming up yeah that of September fourteenth of Saturday to get hot thanks for which is over there in Elgin it's right off nineteen I think others call Chicago Avenue in it's from nine till three gates open up at eight usually there's guys waiting there what a time we set up and there's a a modest twenty dollar gate fee but that includes a five dollar raffle prize we have a grand prize celebrity gets into that raffle but the the main thing is that a hundred percent of these donations that commingled operations support our troops which we have left over the last couple years at the end of the show which we generate between a hundred twenty five cars hopefully more this year but we generated and written them a check for between two and three thousand dollars every year that goes directly to them so the court doesn't gain any of this other than now who were trying to sponsor well but what's great about it though is that your putting not only you know because a lot of this is a personal situation you get to enjoy the car it's a yes something you have a passion for the entire club does but to be able to put kind of all that energy towards kind of a higher purpose with that with the because specially supporting our men and women in uniform I think is great yeah yeah so it's worked out real well we have a number of about Vietnam vets in our in our club as well as from my desert storm and a few of the other complicated awards that we've been going through so while we're pretty strong when it comes down to supporting our our military September fourteenth at Hopkins Ford in Elgin and you know the cars are going to be there you know that Gary is going to be there as well as all those other into CS what other kind of things for people that darkness is the early part of the club the want to come out and see the cars what else is going on well it we're gonna have Raffles we have on fifty fifty driveway of food vendors we're gonna have music and we have I think there's gonna be a silent auction and issues literally just walk around and just chat with all the guys that tell the stories about their cars and it's really been a it's really been successful this is I believe the fourth year that were have an excellent are for Daniel and every year it's just getting bigger and bigger and bigger I mean there's a lot of we I think we pick September because it's getting kind of near the end of the cruise season and there we'd like to do during the summer but I hopefully this will work out really well for us so obviously we invite everybody to come out dogs in here it's gonna it's gonna be great September fourteenth Hopkins Ford in Elgin leveling seven WGN radio dot com gear grants and is there with this in so last thing and of course if you've got a website or social media or other places maybe a Facebook page for the club where people can check out more information and can make their plans to come out and see yeah yeah yeah we definitely on Facebook it's stallions gate where he got a Facebook page that we post a lot of attention pictures and blogs and all that kind of stuff and then we have our website galleons gate dot org it's all one word stallions gate dot org and we have our calendar we have our twelve month calendar out there which includes we have chili cook Constand Saint Patrick's day parade to mother's day honors in Memorial Day and put the deliberation national night out I mean the list goes on and I'm not really active club that's great so even for the people that are hearing this to maybe have a Mustang love Mustangs or fourteen general wanna be a part of the club is there information unless it's a close to you know kind of clubbers way for people to get involved in and join up it sounds like fun it's it's definitely open up the website we can you can do that you can shop for one of our meetings will have applications for membership that commercials we go to cruise nights and so it's literally opened everybody and it's a it's a modest twenty five dollar charge registration wow that's an active membership and that's primarily does support all the your insurance in our social media and our website that kind of just it just covers our class that's all it does so that's why at all at this I hop in sport show all those dollars go directly to operations support our troops that's a great cars growth the Mustang is a great car and if you're part of that club you see in them on a regular basis stallions gate Mustang and Ford club and again coming up September fourteenth at Hopkins forza thanks Gerry thanks for what you're doing the only shared and I'm sure all the Mustang fans out there excited to hear from me again cited to see it in September thanks for jumping on the show today day date thanks so much for you and I hope to see everybody out there on the fourteenth.

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