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Miraculously, I got to be a better quarterback, so I think you know, we've got to start by solidifying the front five course. And Palmer said he was blown away by Joe Burrows first year. You know when he was playing, and I would imagine you Second that emotion. Oh, no question about it. Do you know they always talk about Paul Brown? And he always, you know, talk about a player that the game's not too big for him, and you know it. Joe has been a lot of situations and The game is is not too big for him. He can handle it. Um, you know what? It is much as I liked the taste that he did on the field. The thing I'm most of pressure, impressed about For his leadership capabilities and how it is a young player. He was at the forefront of the team. You know, there was a lot of, you know, social issues going around. He was out. Spoken about it. Hey, led the team. Um, you know the team followed him. Hey, he's gonna be a great quarterback for a lot of years for Cincinnati. Can Anderson with us for a few more minutes. And can you look tomorrow at the Super Bowl? 55. Where will you be? And who do you like Brady or Mahomes? Wow, that you know that That's a tough one. Because you know, they're two great quarterbacks. You know when you've got They're supposed to the greatest of all time, and I've told people that that Tom is playing in the last game of the year for the 10th time and going to win it for the seventh time and You know, there is one other quarterback that played in the last game of the year, seven times and 10 times in 17, which is Otto Graham so he could tie out 0 G in my mind with this game, but You know, I think both teams are tremendous. Offensively They do it in different ways. But if something is going to come down to which defense comes up And it can make a play at the critical time and And I got to say my rooting interests are with Tampa. You know, my my one of my best friends and coaching mentor, Tom Moore, who's 82 is coaching down there. I worked with Bruce Arians. You know, in Pittsburgh for three years? No, a lot of guys you know, down on that staff. Byron Leftwich is the offensive coordinator. I coached him in Jacksonville and in Pittsburgh when it came up there, So my sentiments are lying with Tampa Bay. Wow and A couple of stats for you. I was researching today on pro football reference, and Brady. We all know the Brady six. The six quarterbacks drafted before Tom in 2000. Brady has 335 more touchdown passes than all six combined and nearly 35,000 more yards. So it Z. It's pretty unbelievable at that age 40 plus to be playing at that level, Kenny Lot, let the commitment that he's made, you know to his lifestyle to keep playing at that they ages is unbelievable and I don't know him at all. But from everything I indicate it indicates that he's this guy's a star, you know, and he's married does to. Ah, you know, Giselle, who was unturned National Star, and yet I guess he is one of the greatest teammates ever in the locker room. This far is You know, Big one of the guys, and I think that's what I appreciate it as much as anything. Yeah, hard to believe he was drafted number 1 99 into the house and incredible, and I think I think he remembers that every year when he goes to training camp, But he was 1/6 round draft choice. No doubt that's got to motivate him every single day. And speaking of guys doing great off the field like you mentioned what your borough How about Can Anderson alliance and a good friend of mine in West Chester. Gregory Nelson is benefiting from that Can Anderson alliance can't thank you enough, Kenny for that? Well, No, it's that's you know, kind of my my passion. Now my life's work now is, you know, creating live work and engage opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. We're making a lot of progress. I'm excited that we have purchased 22 acres and Springfield Township and sits in it. But since that area and we're actually gonna build a community, but for now are engaged. Opportunities are Upper running our work opportunities. Um people want to get involved Ken Anderson last dot org's band. We have our autism locks event coming up on February. 28, unfortunately, got all the virtual this year. And but there, go on and find out how you could be a part of that. And I will say one thing that the bands will be live but Aziz, a change bands. We've got it. You're quite and disinfect the stages for protocol. But so I'm doing a lot of interviews that will go on between them. And I've got Jay DeMarcus from Rascal Flatts, who's singing a song for us. When you think of Bengal players, the music The first guy that comes to mind is Mike Reid. He'll be on there playing for us a swell so that'll be a good day. But you can find out all about it. It's autism rocks. But Ken Anderson Lions start awards. Well, beautiful And where will you be watching the game tomorrow? Kenny Anderson. Well, we'll we'll be here. My webs made of a big part of minister only super. We've got some chicken wings and My refrigerator full of beer. So will be sitting in front of a fire watching the game. Well, fantastic. All the candy can't thank you enough all the best to you and Christy and your family and extended family and friends. Well, keep calm, because I love being on with you. I love having you on Any time Kenny really appreciate your time. And now we have some breaking news from the Cincinnati Reds, and I'm turning it over to our producer Jeff Carr, who was in charge of the locked on Reds podcast. Chick. Thank you, sir. Multiple reports confirm that the Cincinnati Reds have signed the strange Gordon to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. Gordon comes over from the Mariners last season, he hit 200 for the season. He has a career batting average of 2 78 with a career on base percentage of 3 19. He is expected to compete for the shortstop position, a position that he has not played very much of last four years. Should he make it he will make should he make it to the Major League baseball team for the regular season, he will make the major league minimum. And Jeff. Gosh, was Jonathan Villar in in the conversation there, too? There were a lot of reports that the Reds were talking with him over the last couple of days. Nothing concrete. There were some errant reports that said that the Reds had signed him, but yeah. Probably would have been a better deal at least a better signing. I think Dee Gordon is a very fast player. So when you look at his statistics, a lot of that has to do with he can get down the base paths pretty quickly. But he profiles as a interesting death addition. I don't necessarily know that he would solve the Reds shortstop problems. D. Strange Gordon or Dr Strangelove, one of the 20 good stuff. Jeff really appreciate that. And, uh, time to take a break and we come back into the bottom of the hour news. We're gonna hook up with another Bangles. Legend in that will be Not only a great player, but an author, too. Reggie Williams. It's all coming up. Chick Ludwig 700 wlw talking. It's the number one way we communicate with one another. It's how we express our thoughts and ideas. And while someone to control what you say, Eddie and Rocky, don't they want you to share your views and feelings? Even if it's just to say whatever I say politicians endlessly arguing Congress over some issue AKs myself, Wouldn't it make more sense.

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