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The Los Angeles County Fire Department says of fire inside a ballad drop boxes under investigation crews extinguished the flames inside the secured box outside the Baldwin Park Library. Arson investigators are now handling the case. The world Siri's gets underway tonight. Many thought Major League Baseball would never get to this point, but the World Series is set to begin tonight. Here in Arlington, Texas. It will be the first time in major league history that the Siri's will take place at a neutral site, all of course because of covert 19. Both world Siri's teams, the Tampa Bay Rays in L. A Dodgers are in a protective bubble. A limited number of fans just over 11,000 will be allowed inside the stadium toe. Watch each contest. Steve Futterman CBS News at the World, Siri's in Arlington, Texas. It's 6, 35 and NewsRadio valet. Whether is next. When you need to.

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