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An evolutionary leaps. Robert Felix, dear friend of the show has passed on. Federal Reserve has brought forward its predictions for the first post pandemic interest rate hikes into 2023 opened the debate on when and Howard may appropriate to start tapering the U. S Central bank's massive bond buying program. Let's check in with registered investment advisor Ms Shot, Doc. This does that mean rates are going to skyrocket again? I don't think so. George. By the time they get around a hiking, you know they're going to be almost ready to cut. I mean, this is the pattern with the Fed. If you actually look at the statement that they made today it was they hardly changed a word from last month here, I'll just read you a phrase. The committee will aim to achieve inflation moderately above 2% for some time so that inflation averages 2% over time. Okay, they're looking for 2/2 percent for some time allegedly to make up for lost inflation. Now the C P is up 5% year over year. The real wages are declining. People are getting two. Maybe 3% rages with inflation of 5%. They're actually footballing further and further behind. I was reading a tweet chain tonight by someone who I respect a lot and he was talking about what's going on in China. And he said, Oh, look at this. China is suppressing deposit rates and it's punishing savers. I'm sitting there thinking, how is this any different than what the U. S is doing? Japan is doing the easy bear is doing its inflation is a tax on consumers and savers, George it especially hurts the poor. So this is financial repression by the Fed when you purposely sponsor inflation like this, but the time they get around to hiking, they're going to be Just a year or so away from cutting rates again. All right, my friend. I always love your commentary, Bish. Thank you. Spanish man was sentenced to just 15 years in prison after killing and eating his 68 year old mother. Two years ago. Police arrested Alberto Gomez after they found body parts. Someone plastic, contain your containers in the refrigerator and in drawers or on the family's home. Maria Gomez, his head, hands and heart were found on her bed while the rest of her body was cut into about 1000 pieces. Police went to the house after a friend reportedly called police concerned about Maria hadn't seen her in a couple of years. What a story geez! Over the next few weeks, A company called Colonel and that's with a K will begin sending dozens of customers across the U. S a $50,000 helmet that can apparently read their minds. Weighing a couple of pounds each. Their helmets contain nests of sensors and other electronics that measure and analyze the brain's electrical impulses and blood flow at the speed of thought. Providing a window into how the organ responds to the world Incredible technology. Howard Blum, author of the Global Brain is with us, Howard I'm going to read our minds. Yes, Imagine a helmet that will allow you to transfer your ideas directly from your mind to the mind of a friend. Imagine conveying emotions, too, are made. Or richly even language has ever allowed you to do. Imagine searching the Web for what you need with only your thoughts and doing it at near instant speed. Imagine having the songs that growth through your head and the songs that you hear in the streets identified whenever you want or getting instant identification. The songbirds you here in the park, the stars you see from the records and the faces and biographies of people you walk past in the street. So this new Colonel $50,000 helmet will do. Almost all of this. And this Hamlet will do the work of five roomfuls of current brain sensing machines, including Functional magnetic.

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