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A relationship there but both of those are really just concerned with winnings so it seems like a a business proposition for both of them just simply they're trying to move forward and win games and hopefully that would be good for either of them in this case uh as mike roenick mentioned at least part of that the bills were gearing up for the future as four tyron taylor's thought process regarding night bob personally didn't take martho is there i'm not sure what other guys talked about amongst themselves or the also take into war towards the coach car not ours that i had to be prepared to say the case i was a going to a game to be a tone mentally with the with the preparation of throughout del weeks i never took my thoughts there this team is very capable of making the playoffs can we have to god day each and every week and play the way we know how to play tara taylor bench after going nine of eighteen for fifty six yards through fifty five minutes in the loss to the scenes on november twelve nathan peter men of course did not fare well at all he was benched in favor of tailor distort the third quarter of this past week with the bills down by thirty three points taylor won fifteen of 25 garbage time fifteen of twenty five hundred fifty eight yards touchdown lost fumbled so scored on a twoyard run now he's the starter again this week taylor's ben inconsistent buffalo chassis game ranking 22 eve in the league prior to last week ends the bacholles of bills or five and five they've lost three straight they face kansas city this weekend and as for the chiefs they have signed free agent cornerback terrell raivis earlier with wanted jones espn insider dan glaviano this is something that he teams have been trying to pull off for a while uh but he was waiting until i guess he ready gene uh you know he's gonna he's gonna come back and be a part of.

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