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Seattle. As komo's Brian Calvert reports last week life without the viaduct got its biggest test yet Friday afternoon, a tour bus caught fire closing half of I five nobody was hurt. The the structure was not significantly damaged certainly somebody. You know, somebody had a bad day driving a bus, but it was a pretty solid example of how just one incident can cripple a commute. That's already just barely hanging on away. I mean, just I don't like spending that much time in the car getting up earlier leaving earlier drivers say they plan on keeping their habits on this third week without the viaduct will probably go back the old schedule wants civil try try to go back deal. Schedule is open. And then we'll go from there to realign ninety nine remains on time. Partly because the weather is cooperating new tunnel underneath Seattle remains on track to open a week from today. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Komo news time ten oh six as we talk about the future of the old Weyerhaeuser campus in Federal Way, it's becoming more clear the new owner industrial realty group of California says the grounds would I be called Woodbridge corporate park, the company plans to leave about seventy percent of the land undeveloped an executive telling the Tacoma news Tribune, a fortune. Five hundred company is considering renting one of the proposed buildings and would bring more than two hundred jobs with it. There's an open house set for February thirteenth at that campus. Today, we're learning how effective sound transit's. Positive train control system has been PTC went operation on all sounder trains. Last fall. Experts say the system could have prevented the deadly Amtrak derailment into pot it December of two thousand seventeen when three passengers died. More than sixty were hurt a toddler at a man were killed two other people badly hurt in a crash yesterday morning in Everett near one hundred twelfth street in evergreen way, one arch ago was driving by when he saw the crash the car.

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