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So a little while since we played football since we last talk Rhode Island football on the university Rhode Island as a whole lost a very special member member of the hall of fame at the university of Rhode Island and Charlie givens. Outstanding. God it was so involved. You're watching our program develop. You know, really good example for what's possible out of this date in high school football players, graduated I guess in nineteen fifty two from Rogers high school and came to you are I went onto the Canadian Football League with the Alouette and was actively involved in both coaching, and then they're the providence gridiron club, which you know, it's a significant supporter of high school athletics. And just a great overall route guy and feel free first family, and it's big loss for for our family as well. Without question. Our best to Charlie's family in a great appreciation for all that he's done for the university of Rhode Island over the many years coach last night. It was the last night two nights ago. Whatever it was at the university down at the Ryan center for rings. Ceremony for the men's basketball team, the mental women's basketball team with Ariza also a season ticket holder appreciation night type of thing for as the basketball season begins to to get going, and I the MC, and I I mentioned whereas introducing Thorbjorn. I mentioned the great successes that that he's experiencing right now with the football team at number twenty in the country, and I'll tell you what it was like standing ovation by the fan. They just I I had a list of different. You know, the soccer team do real well on the concept, but they stopped me. Right. A football and erupted in applause the excitement around this team right now is pretty darn high. Well, it's really cool. Football is something to counter by the time until about both these. Guy here, but I think with early season success which is just that early season. We got two wins under our belt and a good outing versus you come. But bolan short. But I think people are saying something they're proud of this kind of what I've always felt that if we can get this thing turned in and give them a winning product that they will become actively involved in Ben extremely supportive, and I'm really looking forward to trying to deliver another victory tomorrow night. Absolutely. You know, speaking of Thor who's he athletic director, of course, the university of Rhode Island. He was recently selected to head up the division one football championship committee and to have a guy at the at the helm of the athletic department have a position as weighty is that I mean, that's a that's a that's a pretty big spot has to reflect positively on your program as well. And a good spot for your ADD bay. Right. A great spot. I mean, he's done a number of different things, you know, in his world is an administrator to you know, to really put himself in the national spotlight. I think there's a big responsibility for him as I told him when he. You know, what shave data's being on the playoff selection committee and doing the things he's doing their job is to make a really dicey for him to be, you know, having.

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