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US a full commitment to ending abuse. In sports must include children that participate outside the auspices of the US Olympic movement. Thank you for the opportunity to speak here today. Thank you for your testimony. Mr hinchey. Next with this is Tim Hinchey, president of USA swimming. Sherman Moran recommend in the fall and members of the subcommittee. Thank you for the opportunity to testify today. Like to begin by -nology and apologizing for the abuse suffered by children athletes. Other participants in so many programs the organization as a whole, and I personally deeply regret the experiences of some of our members have included sexual physical or emotional misconduct. I am personally committed to do whatever I can to prevent such abuse from happening in the future. May twenty third this year, I testify before the house of representatives about the comprehensive abuse program and response program that USA swimming has worked to Creighton develop since two thousand ten today to describe more recent efforts that USA swimming has made you demonstrate our continued commitment to provide a safe and healthy environments for our swimmers. Over the past five months efforts have included the USA swimming board of directors voted to set aside one point five million dollars to fund reserve for swimming says costs the status in two thousand fourteen swim assist is USA swimming survivor assistance, fund this.

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