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Kids a lot of many many kids just really really anxious to get the chance to either take sophie or high five some of their favorite fortnight players so there's that's like ninja is absolutely the biggest star we don't get into the stadium and we're fortunate enough to be on the field level and it's a rare moment where you have actual superstars like paul george who's an nba all star pete wentz who's in follow boy and these guys don't really matter at this moment because they just wanna hang it with ninja other fortnight players so they're trading numbers fortnight kids being like hey let's like match up after this plane later on and then we get onto when the competition started off the best explain it is really beatle mania type stuff i mean they're security guards around joe and his partner marshmallow who's a very popular dj and these kids are darting out of their chairs running across the field just to get a chance to really see their favorite i really their favorite player in action i think the best way to talk about it it's like watching the kid on your street play street hockey for so long and then they're in the nhl and you're like that's my guy gonna go wherever he is in support him do i'm always kind of embarrassed to say this to you but watching fortnight on twitch like watching ninja play ford native kind of my first ever real addictive streaming experience like i watched it a lot and i've never really watched a lot of twitch before if you don't know twitches is a platform in which you can watch people play video games in many other things does fortnight's seemed to represent like a real crossover moment for east boards that it's about to become super mainstream does in north america so east sports has been huge in a lot of asian countries especially there's a big part of europe and certain games definitely have a presence in north america but in terms of like mainstream recognition of this being a sport as opposed to a pastime i think four night is kind of a lot of people plan to me player as acceptable each fourth right now you kind of figure it out as you'd go like all duty in that way like even if you're watching it you know what's going on but i think what makes fortnight grease it's it's fun streamer themselves become as new tip of video game god and they're also pro athletes now i think what we're seeing is the mainstream public really acknowledge and accept that this is an sport and not just a pastime that kids watch after school are we going to start looking at people like ninja the same way we look at like lebron james or wayne gretzky i think we've already started i think it's people are gonna catch it up to think ninja is playing nightly with drake he's playing with paul george like he's he's on that level he's he's a recognizable household name at this point i think people really recognize them as talk player along with thing very entertaining streamer i think you know he represents kind of the future when eastport star should look like in the sense that he's a good role model for kids but he's also a hungry competitor whose puts an effort he streams twelve hours a day practices and so yeah i think i think we're only there i think he's already superstar he in alexander's thanks so much for calling us from three laying know what's going on since you're in los angeles thanks so much for waking up at like five in the morning to do that thank you having me it's a pleasure julia exile exander is a senior internet culture reporter for the video game outlet polygon currently in la for three the big electronic entertainment expo and i guarantee most week nights and weekend nights as well he'll be.

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